Tuesday, March 20, 2012

80:365 Blank Brain

The 80th day! And I am just too darn tired to pull a photo out of arse. Today, once I turned on the dyepots, I moved numbers from one column to another, for literally 6 hours straight. Now, I feel kinda crossed eyed. Sometimes I am disheartened, shocked, blind-sighted by the amount of tasks I do similar to my last job (like hours of bookkeeping), except at my last job, I was paid way more to do it. Huh. Well enough of that thought pattern, I'm still dedicated to making my business work through my lease of 5 years. At least, from my business, I have the confidence to tackle just about any bookkeeping / business model nightmare, um, I mean creative beast so in the case that I ever need to get a job post-Verb, I will have more experience.

Things I am working on - for the first time ever I have been asked to prepay sales tax. This must be done by Friday. I just completed entering in all of the expenses and income (95%) for 2011. I have a tiny dream of filing my taxes for the first time since owning my business, on time, without an extension. All of that said, I am certainly not holding my breath lest I choke. on. my. own. words. And then there's my fear of how much I will own in self-employment taxes. I was utterly shocked (naive) to the fact that little Miss Capitalistic Own-Your-Own-Business United States of America would make one pay special taxes just for being self-employed. I figured they would encourage such behavior, and might even give one a tax break (gasp).  And then, given the fact, as I have explained in a previous tax, that my inventory shows as an asset, I will most likely show a profit - hmmm, where will I get the money to pay my taxes?

Since Sarah no longer works at Verb, while I had already taken on many of her tasks, such as help with dyeing and many other odds and ends while she was on leave, I have now also re-inherit her post-pregnancy job of scheduling classes, updating the website with that info, creating the end of month newsletter, and creating the paper handout, and designing new classes for the shop (we need a sewing curriculum). By the way, if you are a sewing / quilting teacher, please get in touch!

Other than that, by April 15th, I have our Pro-Verbial club shipment, Essential Luxury Club shipment, a secret club shipment for a designer, our regular stock, and a few wholesale orders.

And this weekend, we are hosting a very special teacher, Kathy Hattori, flying all the way from Seattle to teach natural dyeing classes. It is a great opportunity to learn natural dyeing on cellulose, since Kathy dyes for light-fastness, and cellulose can be very tricky. So most likely I will be attending class - alas, not in the dye studio doing the above mentioned work.

Well it shall be interesting as always! On April 17th, I am done!!! With the most insane 6 months of my entire life. I am so close!! The shop is so close to entering into a new phase, one of not being completely brand new.

Ok, in the meantime, back to more books.

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