Monday, March 19, 2012

79:365 water

I need to remember to drink water. Sometimes I get moving so fast I don't drink a single glass of water all day.

In other news, things continue to heat up in regards to women's health issues and the government. All in all, I am quite political. I struggle with my identity as a business owner and how much I allow my political stance to show. That said, I'm thinking of a project for our gallery space in which i will ask women who are pro-choice, and pro birth control to submit hand written statements of want we want in terms of reproductive health and rights. I kind of find it sad that I'm scared to do this and am afraid of being targeted. Stay tuned.


Donna D said...

I wrote this the other day:

Many of my friends are pro-life and feel that abortion is wrong. But that does not mean they assume that the government should be in charge of women’s reproductive health or decisions about pregnancy, birth control, or even abortion.

Look at it this way: If you vote to make abortion illegal, that gives the government power over women’s bodies and decisions about having children. So if you’re against abortion you are happy. BUT if the government has that power, then in the future, when a different party is in power, maybe they will decide that we need more population control and require you to have an abortion if you already have 1 child and get pregnant, in a China-like law.

Do you see how it cuts both ways? The decision of what to do with our bodies and families is personal. If we let the government have power over this, we are giving up our rights as human beings, as individuals with freedom, and we don’t know what the government may do with that power in the future.

Keeping government out of the bedroom is NOT about being a Democrat or a Republican. It is NOT about being pro-choice or pro-life. It is about freedom for all. And isn’t that what America is supposed to be about?

Carol said...

If you want to do something about this check out the knitters making wombs to send a message to Congress. Check out or you can google knitted wombs for Congress.

Meg said...

I think that would be awesome! I think you'd get a lot of support (esp here in the Bay Area) and I would totally contribute. :) I'm proud/delighted to support a yarn store that supports women's rights!

Janice said...

It is definitely sad that you have to consider possible fallout, but it's a valid concern. I don't envy you the decision. I think this political season might just kill me . . . or, at least, drive me to drink like a student on spring break!

Unknown said...

I am a dyer and have the same fears about fallout in those rare instances when I say something about politics online. On the one hand, I am not ashamed of my views and opinions. On the other hand, I can't see the point of antagonizing potential (or, even worse, current) customers.

jerredawson said...

A dear friend who owns a small business has emailed me to support my posts to FB regarding the current interference by the government in women's health care and reproductive life. He agrees with me on all levels but doesn't feel able to post publicly. I do understand his point and your point.

My son has warned me not to be too forthcoming on the internet because "they" will have my name. He is a liberal, computer literate, well read and has read "The Handmaidens Tale" to which he likens the conservative position on women. Scary.

Larkin said...

I say go for it Kristine. I came to the irritating conclusion in college that life is political. One can choose not to engage the politics, but if one does that, then one gets one's life run for them. I doubt you'd be into that. I know I want the right to make my own health-care decisions, and I think it's ok to stand up for that in ANY venue. And that is something I will proudly sign my name to, no matter where I am or what I'm doing.