Tuesday, March 13, 2012

73:365 Naturally Dyed Wool Fabric

8pm tonight and we are at the shop, re-skeining yarn, just off the drying rack, for this weekend's show, Voices in Cloth. Aday is watching a video on fungus. In case you don't know, she is obsessed with fungus and mushrooms. Ok, though the thing I love most about this photo, are the fabrics that I naturally dyed hanging in the background. This is my secret project I've been working on. 100% wool flannel, available this weekend at the show.

Uh-oh! Cleo! You've been working too hard. Please know we did not place this piece of yarn on her nose. She did it entirely herself. I swear.


mokkakissa said...


Michelle (missymarie) said...

Cleo, the good employee that she is, always willing to help and be part of the AVFKW team.

Love the naturally dyed fabric.

Good luck at the show!