Thursday, March 8, 2012

68:365 More Corpse Reviving Tales

The Corpse Reviver may have worked! Today, I was a bit more like myself. I headed across the bridge to San Francisco. My Mom wanted to try Tartine, my favorite bakery.

  There's nothing like dual-ling bulldozers to make you come alive! There was a great construction show outside Tartine, complete with tar and smoke!

 Though nothing could taint my sweet lil' box of banana cream pie. 

Look at this cute guy, named Waldo, sitting outside Tartine, waiting for his Mom. 

We walked down the street to Bi-Rite so we could swim through the piles of beautiful, local, organic vegetables and fruit.

We crossed town to Flora Grubb - always a source of inspiration and beauty. 

And, finally, we stopped at San Francisco Center for the Book. They have an exhibit dedicated to John Cage, who was a book maker and artist. Who knew? This was a piece that particularly caught my attention given its reference to fiber and textiles. I also love anytime an artist makes up tools for a pretend world. This piece is made by Biolunar (Robin Hill and Ulla Warchol) and is named Object Lessons.


cauchy09 said...

looks like a lovely way to spend a day! and that Waldo is too cute.

Mutare Posts said...

Sounds like a great day! I'm aware of sfcb but haven't been there yet, yhx for the heads up on the exhibit.