Tuesday, February 28, 2012

59:365 And Then I Walked

For the past five years, I truly thought I was running a real business versus a hobby business. I have priced things, taken inventory, created projections in order to open and maintain a stable business. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for having employees. It is the one addition, from moving my shop into it's current location, that has made my heart skip a beat.

Today, I learned that Sarah E. will leave Verb. Late last year, Sarah had a baby. Coupled with her hour long commute, this, for obvious, well founded reasons, has led her to the decision to stay closer to home.

I could not have opened my new shop without Sarah. Due to her past experience in architecture and project leadership, Sarah helped me create and build Verb's new space. To her, I am so grateful for what she has given me and Verb.

Having employees, I see two sides of a coin; their life and my life.  And the all the intricacies in between, of wanting their best interests in mind, and needing to run a business, being harnessed by the reality of a limited income stream, wanting them to feel valued, while in my own right trying to feel of value. When to ask for help, accepting the help offered and given. Depending on my employees, asking them to be accountable, and being gracious for what they can give when I would like to demand more - because I am so demanding of myself - or simply because I want Verb to be better. Being a friend, and being a boss. Being a peer, and being a teacher and a manager. Constantly working on balancing a shifting set of scales for each individual and their unique set of circumstances.

So today, I walked. Above are photos of what I saw.


Brigi said...

beautiful scenery!
I think you have found the balance, I can see it through your pics :)

Mutare Posts said...

I will miss her too but will also look forward to seeing her again. She did an incredible job delivering your shop. Believe me, i know.

The "colored" Museum said...

Sorry to see Sarah go but I understand. Count me in for any potluck parties or after works drinks sendoff.