Monday, February 20, 2012

51:365 And still we prepare

 I started my day with sewing linens for our Stitches West booth. As I went though my day, there were so many moments I wanted to capture on camera. Though stopping my hands for just a moment, meant I was one step further from the goal of labeling and skeining all the yarn. We have 5 pairs of hands, and 2 pairs of part time hands helping, and we still could not skein all of the yarn and finish the booth display. So that means, tomorrow, the one day I was hoping to take off in this 10 day stretch will be used, at least partially, to work. And if I put off what needs to get done tomorrow, then, Wednesday will be awful, so it is best I space out my chores. Elektra is off the needles and waiting in line to be blocked.

My favorite part of today was whittling magnolia branches. It would have made a beautiful photo. Next time.

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