Friday, February 17, 2012

48:365 hunting

This was the only moment I had all day, in which I focused enough to take a photo. I woke up and started my day texting (don't judge). Ran to my floral designer to pick up a sculpture and a box of moss. Then to the shop, grabbed my co-worker who has a gorgeous garden in the Berkeley hills and kindly let us harvest a few branches and vines. I didn't feel like taking a photo since I'd like the booth to somewhat of a surprise. Headed back to the shop and threw together the last few remaining dyepots. I hate to have to stop dyeing but it's time to switch gears into show mode; labeling, signage, building displays, sewing table cloths, and getting the cash register and bookkeeping supplies together. There's also making sure the shop is staffed, all classes taken care of, and that they have stock ordered, and change. Oh! Then the animals need to be taken care of. We've found ourselves in a bit of a jam so are taking marcel (angora) and pip (canary) to the shop. Cleo will go with S.

Anyway, here's Cleo hunting in the backyard at the shop. She's feeling better and will get her stitches out Monday. I love how she looks so determined when hunting.

See you tomorrow!! Night!!

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