Tuesday, February 14, 2012

45:365 Making a Booth, Checking It Twice

Today, I really felt the pressure of the clock ticking. Everything seemed to need to happen at once. While we worked from early this morning till evening, we still have so much work to do. It's been a real challenge to balance the work load of the shop, the dye studio, and try to do a show. Then, there's the battle between what I would like my line of yarn and the booth to look like, and the reality of what can happen. Just that conversation with myself can be time consuming and hard. Most times this conversation comes at a moment of defeat where I am up against a wall, and must decide what can't happen. I have gotten better at judging time and energy. Though still could use a bit more checking-in before getting to the point of exhaustion.

This year has been especially stressful for a few reasons. One reason is that there are quite a few natural dyers in the marketplace. At some point this year, I am going to expand a bit more about competition and question the healthy and unhealthy aspects of it. So I will start by mentioning it now. With the addition of natural dyers to the marketplace, I feel more than ever that I must have a beautiful, well done, range of colors. Perhaps you might think this silly or over competitive, and I believe you, it is, though I've committed to letting you know what runs through my head, so there you go. The other reason I feel the heat is because XRX the organizers of Stitches West has made two announcements.

1. The company who generates the most buzz in this forum on Ravelry will receive a free booth.

2. The company who has the most beautiful booth, judged by the teachers, will receive a free booth.

A booth at Stitches, a normal one, without a corner, is $850. To save that amount of money, well, it's nothing to sneeze at, I'll say that much. XRXs second announcement is a no-brainer. Every year, we try to put together a beautiful booth. I need the sanctuary as much as any shopper. Though the first announcement, that's tough. I am ok at making announcements, educating people as to what we will offer, though there seems something a bit sleezy about doing it, a lot, to get a free booth. Is it just me?

Although the show doesn't start until next Thursday, we need to have everything in hand, packed and ready to go by next Wednesday. Really, we need to receive everything and have it ready to go by next Monday. We'd like to take one day off next week, Tuesday. Today, we dedicated a good part of our day to mapping out the booth.  As we reach the pre-show, one week mark, everything that needs to be ordered has to be - otherwise it won't be shipped in time - for us to make sure it is right, and to pack it.

Here's my trunk with a bunch of random objects that may or may not make it into the booth.

We tape out the space, and do one of two dress rehearsals. By setting up the booth, we can see pinch points. Do you see those gorgeous samples?? I can't wait for you to see the samples in person. Gorgeous!

 The toughest thing about the booth this year is the flora we'd like to install. Yep, install, which means thinking on our feet while in the convention center. That could mean, two tired people trying to talk to one another, one quite possibly who just may be very impatient (certainly not me), and possibly not having something we need. Hmmmm. We still need to think about that one.

Wait! Who's that? An adorable woman, dressed in grey linen, knitting! With a suntanning pup!

Look at this box of beautiful and tasty treats! A friend stopped by to have a Valentine's Day picnic. That certainly added a wonderful break to our day.

xx. Hope you had a happy valentine's day!


Sonya Philip said...

Aw the sun tanning baby dog!

Jill Draper Makes Stuff said...

I'm sure you booth will be beautiful! I can't wait to see it, your booth @ Sock Summit was stunning!

Lady Lavender of the Kitchen said...

Looking forward to seeing everything come together. I imagine it's pretty stressful trying to get everything ready but believe that your booth will turn out beautifully.

Mutare Posts said...

You GO, girl!