Monday, February 13, 2012

44:365 Weather & Dyeing

One of my absolutely favorite things about living in the Bay Area is the grey sky. We have this beautiful layer of fog that rolls in at night and burns away mid-morning. It almost feels like everything is getting a fresh spritz. Normally, the grey sky does not mean rain. 

Though this particular sky, yep, that's a sky which threatens rain. And you know what today is? The last day I can dye indigo before Stitches West. Part of the indigo process is to let the yarn sit for a week before washing it.

Every year, around this time up until Stitches, and usually throughout Stitches, we get rain. We've had a very dry Winter which is going to mean drought this Summer.  While it is hard for me to curse rain, knowing how badly we need it, the idea of standing outside in it while dyeing is not one my favorite things mainly because the cold sinks into my bones which only a hot bath can cure.

The day worked out perfectly. It rained on and off, between pours, I dipped yarn into the indigo pot. Look at the stream rise off the yarn! Love that.


Sonya Philip said...

Indigo in the mist! Beautiful stuff.

cauchy09 said...

gah. i die for those blues.