Sunday, February 12, 2012

43:465 Party at Verb! Knitting Cervices and Ukelele Love Songs

I completed a great amount of dying today; indigo, thai iced tea, taboo, magic bean, and the whale's migratory tale. This is very good news, since yesterday, I was feeling rather unmotivated, and we are fast approaching my deadline of Stitches West.

I did have our Valentine's Day party to look forward to which certainly helped. Sonya, who's the chief-cervix-knitter-and-felter, led the way. Here's the special cervix cookies she baked, the knit cervix, and the makings to make new cervices. It has been a bit interesting to watch people come into the shop, pick up one of the pink donuts, squish it, and then for us to tell them it is a cervix. You should see some of the faces we get. I have to say, eating a cervix cookie, hmmm.

Steffy Sue joined us for long songs on the ukelele.

And a step back so you can see the group. 

So much happiness and warmth. So grateful for everyone who joined us.

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cauchy09 said...

ooh, i see my cervices (the one with racing stripes is one of mine!) there on the table. looks like a super fun time.