Friday, February 10, 2012

41:365 Sew today. The Government can wait.

Day 41 out of 365.

Today was a pretty easy going day at the shop. We had a nice flow of friendly customers. Fabric sales are picking up which is very exciting since I love fabric and want to continue stocking it. I received an email from the Board of Equalization stating that I now owe pre-payments on our sales tax. Huh. Alright then. Not really sure how that is going to impact us. Typically when I receive emails like that, I let it sit for a few days and then take the time to give a closer look.

One of the challenges during my day, is to be faced with a lot incoming information; phone messages, emails, customer questions, employee questions, and friends stopping by. Then, I have the tasks that I must get done. Sometimes, I don't get to my to-do list until 2 or 3pm. I think I am getting better at managing this stream. One of the important aspects of my day is reserving some amount of time for unforeseen interruptions. For instance, right now, as we get ready for Stitches West, I might get an email related to the show, which is time sensitive, and must bump other tasks further down the list. As my employees continue to understand the business and to take greater roles, they are able to take on more responsibility. Last year, it was much harder. Many times, not even I knew the answer to many questions, so could hardly delegate that task to an employee. This year I know more, and have a greater sense of opinion and am able to make decisions easier. So this year, as we prepare for the show, if something I was supposed to do gets bumped, it is more likely that one of Verb's employees can help. Of course, no one but me can meet with my bookkeeper to prepare our 2011 taxes. Damn! And this continues to get bumped as we prepare madly for Stitches West, followed by prepping for our first fabric / quilt show in March. Going to have to make the time, right?

It's also helped that my employees and I have special question time. That way my train of thought is continuous or at least semi-continuous. Or they give me a list of questions, with a time / date they need the answers by, and I can answer the questions when I have a break and once I get the dyepots running.

In the instance of email, I've heard about this new app called Sanebox. So far, I've heard very good things. Anyway, one of the things I try to stop from happening is to let an email, that I could look at closer in a couple days, interfere with the program I have already designed for the day ahead of me - such as an email from the government ;)

Tonight, I came home, cooked a simple dinner of gorditas and red pepper soup. I roasted coffee. It makes the house smell so good.

And I sewed some project bags using this very cute Lizzy House fabric.

Now to knit a few more rows of Caliz before I turn into a pumpkin.

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