Tuesday, February 7, 2012

38:365 Minced and Chopped

This is gonna be a short one. Cleo had surgery today. She is on my lap and has finally settled down and I am torqued sideways trying to write on the computer.

Cooking is my outlet for managing stress. Tonight, we are cooking a chicken, wild rice, mushroom, and leek soup.

Dried porcini and thyme. The smell is so good.

In knitting related news, I just bound off my Celeano in Even Tinier Annapurna. It is sitting at the shop waiting to be blocked.

With nothing on the needles, well wait, I am sure there are things on the needles. With nothing new on the needles, that might pertain to my Stitches West booth, I brought home a few skeins of Slick with the intention of casting-on for Caliz. Which color do you like best? The green is very hard to photograph, it is a charteruse color, named The French Monk's Finest. I think it might be pretty in a rich purple, like the one on the bottom right hand corner, Royale.

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AthertonCA said...

I like all four colors of the yarn. I will definitely be augmenting my stash when I visit your booth at Stitiches West! By the way, I left a five-star review for your shop on Yelp. I had been remiss in not leaving one earlier.