Saturday, February 4, 2012

35:365 Spinning for a Sweater

My good friend Cal attended my spinning class today. It made me so happy to have her in class with my three other lovely student, J, J, and S. Today, I taught the class how to spin yarn for a sweater. Because it can take quite a bit of fiber and time to make enough yarn for a sweater, we worked on acceptance; of the weight we each naturally gravitate towards spinning. So if a student's natural spinning rhythm tends to be lace-weight, but the student want to knit a sport-weight sweater, than that student can build the yarn weight through creating a 3 ply yarn. I've found that, especially for these longer projects, that being able to stay within your comfort zone enables you to enjoy the spinning process instead of over thinking it.

We also covered tips and tricks as to how to keep your stamina and motivation; like incorporating hints of color, or subtle color variations. Another way to ensure completion of the project is to choose a pattern that doesn't take a lot of yardage, like Cocoknits's Sabine.  And to the yardage that you do need, add fiber that creates a bit of a halo when knit like alpaca, camel, or yak. You can knit it on a larger needle, creating a fabric with wonderful drape. The halo will fluff, and fill in any gaps between the stitches. In other words, you will get more out of your yardage.

Cal has a big goal this year - to knit 12 sweaters in 2012. She would even like to spin one of her sweaters! Have you ever thought about spinning for a sweater? I'd love to - I guess I'll have to see what happens!


Mary-Heather said...

I want to spin for a sweater, but as I only use spindles it's kind of overwhelming! I mean, I love spinning on a spindle but that's a lot of it. ;) your tips are very good though - you have me thinking I should just sack up and go for it!

Mutare Posts said...

Spinning for a sweater is a goal for me! I got some bundles of fiber from your shop several months ago just for this purpose, so they are waiting for me in a corner of my room. ahem. I need to overcome the paralysis of overthinking, and need to dive in and start.