Thursday, February 2, 2012

33:365 A Tale of Tooth and Nipple

Uhhhh. Today we went to the vet for Cleo's annual check-up. Cleo is 7 now. The vet said they consider her a senior. Do you see her little white paws?

Cleo's nipple started growing about 6 months ago. I called the vet to make sure it was ok - not some kind of emergency. Nope, not urgent. Life went on and the nipple kept growing. You can see it sticking out in this picture. So, when her annual physical came up, we were looking forward to asking the vet in person.

Today, the vet explained dogs get growths sometimes. Cleo's looks benign. She said if it became infected due to her scratching it, we might want to have it removed. Then, she inspected Cleo's teeth. Way in the back, the very last molar, the vet touched, and it spread into two pieces. Ew!! Cleo flinched. The vet said she has a broken tooth and that it is painful which of course me and Adrienne anguish. And then, seconds after that thought, my mind whispered "money, this is going to cost money". Damn! Sure enough, Cleo needs to go into surgery. Dependent on the the tooth, she might be able to take out just the broken piece, or if it has gone into the root, the entire tooth. The upside is that Cleo's teeth will be cleaned and since she's already out, she will have a mastectomy and have her nipple removed and sent to the lab for testing. So, there you go. All of that news by 10:30 this morning.

Next on my agenda was to sit and knit on my Celaeno. I adore this pattern. Here you can see my view, computer, beads, and in-progress shawl. I've been listening to the NPR Live Concerts All Songs Considered Podcast. It is phenomenal and only adds yet another reason to my list of why I love NPR. I highly recommend it as a way to discover new music. Plus, hearing live music from the comfort of my living room, love! My favorites so far: Girl in a Coma, Mates of States, and an entire hour long concert by Beirut.

I hope you are having a wonderful afternoon! Perhaps with knitting in your hands or a pet by your side.


by Annie Claire said...

Good luck with the tooth, dog, vet dilemma. It'll be good to get everything done!
We just had a similar situation with our farm mutt Huxley and a lump on his leg. We had it removed, but with little skin there to wrap around the new 'hole' the vet sewed it a little too tight and made the foot swell. We are not vet/doctor people, yet this past week included 4 vet visits [WHAT] and a much lighter wallet. He's now absolutely fine and has probably forgotten the whole thing, although, go even 100 yards of the vet office and he'll figure you out!
What I can't complain about, though, is him moping by my lap and I knit :)

by Annie Claire said...

but... my point is that it seemed in hind sight like it was harder for me than Huxley! I can't imagine having children, I'd turn into a overwhelmed worry pot.

Tammy said...

Pookiebird sends warm regards for a successful surgery and quick recovery and says she'll drop by the shop for a visit when Cleo's feeling up for it.

Cheryl said...

Another set of podcasts you might like if you like the NPR Live Concerts is CBC Radio 2 Canada Live, concerts taped live across Canada. It's available on iTunes or at (cod=Concerts On Demand). Some Canadian artists, some international, mix of genres, always a good listen!

Steph said...

Don't beat yourself up about the tooth, there's no way you could've known. Glad you're getting the mass biopsied, hope all is well & it's benign.

Carol said...

Seven is not a senior for a dachshund. We had one that lived to 17. Large dogs age faster---labs are 8 years for every one year. According to your dog is 44 in human years.