Friday, January 6, 2012

6.365 Peacock

I came home from work tonight, checked the mail, and there was a large, stiff envelope sticking out of the mailbox. I squinted to see who it was from. Lisa Congdon! Upon opening the package, I found this inside! A peacock, one of the best animals on the planet. Hi guy!! I see you looking at me!

Lisa is one of my favorite illustrators, she is local, a professional artist, and works so hard. I adore her technique, her sense of color, and her subject matter. Many of her pieces incorporate fiber-y texture, quilts, applique, woolly animals, braids. Just look at all that texture in the peacock's shorter, green feathers.

I would love to have a show in our gallery featuring her work - though she's kind of big time - a girl can dream though, right? And I have another tiny dream of asking her, and of her accepting, a commission for a drawing on our website. I also hope that she, with all of her amazing talent, will be picked up by a fabric company so I can carry fabric by her in our shop.

I always feel so fortunate and inspired to live amongst people who are able to use their talent to create a viable business making art.

Thanks Lisa and Aday!!  Now to decide where to hang it...

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Michelle (missymarie) said...

WOW! Your peacock is amazingly beautiful! She is really talented.

You will never know until you ask Lisa whether she would be willing to have a show in your gallery. You might be pleasantly surprised with her answer.

Hang it where you will enjoy it the most and get inspiration.