Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4.365 Sitting with Romi

Up close and personal with our yarn.  Often times, I sit for hours with yarn. As a dyer, I turn the skein over and over again. Feeling the texture. Analyzing the twist. Examining the variations and intricacies of the color. Wondering how I can make the color darker or lighter without losing the feeling.

Today, I sat with Romi. We are sharing a booth at Stitches West. I am so grateful that she made the hour+ drive to visit with me. I am planning to knit a number of her shawls out of our yarn for our Stitches West booth. I created a spreadsheet listing her patterns, yardage requirements, and suggested Verb yarns. We could go in so many directions. Choose 5 patterns, knit 2 samples in each pattern out of 2 different yarns. Choose 10 patterns, knit 1 sample out of each base. Goodness, 10 shawls, we better get going!

What about colors? What about our new yarns we are bring on especially for Stitches? Wait. Those aren't ready to go. They are not dyed. Can we get new patterns created in time for Stitches? Ok, well where can we start? Well, needless to say, amongst the chaos, having Romi there helped. She was able to give advice about yardage, texture, and well, color, Romi loves color. So, here, in this photo, you see a bag stuffed with yarn, all ready to be sent to sample knitters. I can't wait to see what happens!


The "colored" Museum said...

Kristine I love your commitment to posting a photo a day. You can do it!

Michelle (missymarie) said...

I love the photo of your colorful yarn. I am excited and cannot wait to see what Romi and you have in store for us. Stitches West cannot come soon enough.