Thursday, January 26, 2012

26:365 Food P0rn aka Tartine After Hours

Add creativity to high quality ingredients, as they would be known in cooking, or materials, as they would be known in craft and find an endless sources of inspiration. Take that creativity and add it to a new business model and I am sold. Welcome to the boom of pop-up shops and restaurants.

If you have ever visited the Bay Area, or live here, you know that it can be quite expensive to live. Then, throw in the fact that you might be an artist or creative type, wanting to explore the hundreds of possibilities life has to offer, and don't want to commit to just one quite yet. The answer to the above two quandaries is the pop-up. People have begun renting places for just a month, Pop-Up Holidayland, or perhaps once a month for a year, like The Pop-Up General Store, or a restaurant for a night. 

Samin Nosrat is a local chef, writer, and food organizer. She has cooked in many renowned kitchens, including that of Alice Waters. She is a co-founder of The Pop-Up General Store in Oakland. She is now hosting an event called Tartine After Hours, at you guessed it, the famous bakery, Tartine. Yep, this is the place where people line-up around the block to get a loaf of bread, an hour before it is ready to sell. The tricky part about Tartine After Dark, it is hard to get a seat. It's all by luck of the draw, literally, it's by lottery. I entered for 4 seats. And I was chosen! Then, the night before the event, I received an email from the coordinators asking if anyone wanted 2 more seats. Yes please, I'll take them!

The dining room was so packed that we had to enter through the back door.

We were seated in the kitchen where all the action is! Being that everyone at the table were knitters, dyers, business owners, or some combination of, we all eagerly watched as the dinner took shape and happily received each delicious course. I have to say if any of these people were stressed it did not show a bit. Cooking for a large group of people was completely second nature. I was thoroughly impressed.





All the food was delicious. Samin and her crew took such great care of us! I can only hope we get another chance to dine at Tartine After Hours! If you get the chance, go! 

If you don't live in the area, or don't like to dine out, I hope this inspires you to cook something great for you and your friends.


Sonya Philip said...

What an amazing night. Thank you so much for the invite and guess what I did this morning, oh added my name to the sign up list!

Michelle (missymarie) said...

Where do I sign up? This would have been a dream come true and even being in the kitchen. I so want to experience this. True jealousy going on here.