Friday, January 20, 2012

20.365 Two Funny People

I just uploaded a bunch of photos from my iphone to my computer. These photos span the last year and then some. Going through them gives me a complete case of the giggles.

Last year felt like such a blur, the shop opening, so many new friends, a bunch of other crap thrown in for good measure, and then bang, the year was over. A big reason I wanted to blog this year is so I have something to look back on, something to be present within. Though in blogging and posting a photo every day, one thing I feel particularly vulnerable about is the fact that my photos I post can be grainy and temperamental - well, let's just say they are not as refined as I would like, nor artistic, or poised - that said, doesn't that in its own way capture the feeling of where I'm at in life. Chasing the sun before it sets, grabbing my iphone and snapping a photo (while the fancy camera sits in a bag at my feet), catching a moment in a restaurant. One thing is for certain, the more spaciousness I have to wander, the more the big fancy camera comes out for a visit. I am curious to see as the year goes on how the quality of the photos I post wax and wane in quality. 

The particular photo I uploaded tonight to the blog is on my birthday. I was surrounded by very silly friends whom always make me laugh and create such a light space in my heart. xx.

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