Tuesday, January 17, 2012

17:365 Itchy!

All year, I've had patches of hives. Some travel, like this one, which a couple months ago, could be found on my elbow (that was fun!). Over the past year they've gone from only 1-2 patches to 5-6. In October, I visited the doctor, and was sent home with special cream. The hives have only gotten worst. So finally this morning, ast the hives climb towards my neck, so sick of scratching, or trying not to scratch them, I called the doctor and received a referral to the allergist. I go tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will get a scratch test so at least I will know what I am not allergic to.


Michelle (missymarie) said...

I hope that you receive comforting results and the itching will be gone in a day or two.

Carol said...

It's called chronic urticaria. It usually resolves on it's own with 2 years but I've had it for 16 years now. It's usually caused by some medication that you are taking so you might try eliminating one at a time to see if that helps.