Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fabric Club? And Giveaway Day Fabrics

I had so much fun choosing the fabric for the Giveaway Day winners that I have a new idea.

How about a fabric club? I already have 2 yarn and fiber clubs - so, we get the whole club thing here. Why not add fabric into the mix?

Preliminary idea:

+ Fat Stash
         + 6 fat quarters
         + monthly shipments
         + about $22 a month, available as a 6 month subscription
         + modern, cotton, new, unique, some hand-dyed, hand-printed by local artists
         + if you would like to purchase more fabric from your shipment, 10-15% discount. 

It would be fun to have designers do a quickie little, fun pattern. Probably not possible at first, but as the club grows...

So, what do you think? I'd love your input.

To give you a little taste of what could be to come, here are what the Giveaway Day winners are receiving:

(l to r): Freespirit / Silent Cinema, Alexander Henry / Rolling Hills, Freespirit  / Suzani Round, Nani-Iro / Fuccra, Cloud 9 Organics / Free as a bird.

 (l to r): Rowan / Fairytale Garden, Lecien / My Folklore, Freespirit / Parisville, Nani-Iro, Alexander Henry / Griffith Park

(l to r): Freespirit / Garden Divas, Rowan / Soul Blossoms, Nani-Iro / Colorful Pocho, Freespirit / Innocent Crush, Freespirit / Silent Cinema


Rebecca said...

Yes yes yes yes, yes yes yes! I am a fledgling quilty person who finds it very handy and inspiring to have fat quarters on hand, especially when someone else has picked them out. I think that fat quarter packs curated by you would be a joy to get in the mail. The ones pictured here are certainly a delight.

My favourite part of your club idea is the discount on extra fabric from the shipment—yes please!

Jessica said...

Omgomgomg yes! This is exactly what I do (and do not) need right now! And your fabric giveaway choices are fabulous!

JeanS said...

Yes please!!! I know I'll like anything you select, and what a treat to receive a surprise every month. Love the idea!

Crafty Pancakes said...

I just joined the fabric club and I'm so excited! It's perfect timing because I finally set up a great sewing corner in my bedroom and I'm ready to go!