Thursday, May 26, 2011

Creative Abundance!

Goodness! Thanks everyone for listing your inspirations.  I love learning that there are so many of us walking around, absorbing the beauty around us, and creating from it. 

The 5 winners!

Allison / Field Wonderful / May 24 / 12:58pm
Audreypawdrey / May 25 / 1:50pm
Traci / May 23 / 8:09am
Andreacreates / May 23 / 1:42pm
Shelley / May 25 / 3:52pm

Please get in touch and send your postal address. 

Responses and answers to a few questions asked in the comments. 

"Am planning a bike trek to your shop, and that very cool bike-friendly cafe next door!" 
Kate / May 23rd / 12:16 pm

Yes! Come! We do have an amazing cafe next door, named Actual Cafe. They serve everything from espresso to locally made beer, and empanadas to bacon-Parmesan waffles. This is a great place for the family to hang out while you are having fun in the shop.

"I *love* that red birds and clouds fabric. I know you're busy with all these comments and giveaway day, but I'd love to know what it is. " 
Starandsunshine / May 23rd / 4:09 pm

Both the grey fabric with the silhouettes of plants and the red fabric with clouds and birds are from a company named Cloud 9 Organics. The collection is Cut Out and Keep by South African designer Heather Moore. LOVE her stuff.

"i didn't notice on your blog, but do you sell your fabric online?"
Shelley / May 25 / 3:52pm 

Unfortunately, we don't sell fabric online. We do sell our line of naturally dyed yarn and fiber though. We have talked about dyeing and block-printing our own fabric. While I've had my dyeing studio for 3 years now, our brick and mortar opened only 6 months ago. My hope is that once the new shop stabilizes, I can expand my line or at least open an online fabric shop offering others beautiful work.

PS: Dyeing (pardon the pun!) to know what your verb for keeping warm is! 
Beeps / May 23 / 7:47pm 

There's a wonderful book, Women's Work, by Elizabeth Wayland Barber. She is an archaeologist who studies humans in order to learn about ancient textile practices. On one such occasion, she re-constructed a dead language similar to Latvian and learned that there was once a verb for keeping warm. I loved this. Simply put, if we did not have warmth and protection of clothing, we would not be alive. Today, by a great portion of the populace, cloth is taken for granted. Though there are a few of us who know better ;)

The verb for keeping warm is open to interpretation. The verbs I think of are dyeing, spinning, knitting, weaving, sewing, and quilting.

The Nani-Iro arrived yesterday and it is amazing.  I will prepare the prize bundles for shipping. If you would like a bit of eye candy, check back in the next day or so, I will post photos of the fabric chosen for the bundles. We'll be doing more give-aways in the future. And from learning that you are so inspired by blogs, I will post more of my own projects here. It was lovely to meet all of you. Thank you for stopping. I hope to see you in the future!

If you are in the area, don't be shy! Stop in and say hello! We'd love to meet you :)

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