Friday, April 22, 2011

State of the Textile Union. The future is fabric, yarn, fiber and community.

I do this thing - I have a vision of something grand.  And then, I actually try to create it, in real life. The store, in its entirety, is an example.  Sure there are details, in the vision though, people are just smiling and creating, colorful textures in the forms of fiber, fabric, and yarn, no problem! Well, in reality there are a LOT of details to sort out.

Verb has grown to encompass fiber, fabric, yarn, a wide selection of kntting, sewing, felting, and spinning notions. Instead of carrying only Verb yarn and fiber, we now carry yarn and fiber from a collection of extremely talented companies.

Verb has also grown to include a staff of 6 people, including me. This means that Verb has 6 times more creativity. I have learned that Verb has in many ways become its own animal. So I am here to announce that Verb is in good hands and that I am leaving. Just kidding! I am here to stay but am going to open the doors a bit to my staff to play a larger role in blogging and tweeting. From here on out,  while I will still be blogging quite a bit, this blog will represent a collection of writers.  

The shop due to its new wings of fabric and the gallery, needs a new mission statement. I've learned that each of these sections require their own communities, and to fit within the larger community of fabric and art galleries in the Bay Area. For a brief moment, this past weekend, I had a thought - why did I do this? Why did I add fabric and the gallery? We have enough going on with yarn and knitting, fiber and spinning, our own line. Then I remembered. I did it because I believe in a beautiful space in which to purchase unique, gorgeous raw materials. So while it feels a bit fractured at the moment, I asked myself to give it 9 months.

We have grown from being primarily web-centric and show-centric to having a space which can be used a local, daily resource for crafting advice and materials.  For so long, I tucked my lil' business in the back of the Activspace building. Well now, it is time to reach out and spread the word! If you have a friend who sews, knits, felts, touches textiles, if you would spread the word, that would be awesome. Our classes are going strong now, with offerings in knitting, sewing, quilting, dyeing, weaving, and spinning. Plus, we are always open to feedback. Let us know what would help you further your crafting and creativity.

In addition to more people writing on the blog, there's going to be greater coverage of the various textile related crafts in which we support. This means more info about fabric and sewing as well as needle felting.

I am really excited by this transition, I hope you are too!

- kristine

p.s. I activated a new Twitter account today. Follow @avfkw_oakland to learn about everything new and exciting happening at our Oakland brick and mortar. New yarn, fabric, fiber, classes, events, and special discounts.