Friday, July 30, 2010

The Pro-Verbial Yarn _and_ Fiber Club 2010

What started out as A Verb for Keeping Warm's 1st yarn club, now to also include a fiber option, Pro-Verbial, is about to open up membership. I am so insanely excited about this. I have always wanted to do a yarn club and have been waiting for the right time. Well, that time is here!

My process: I get an idea and then I wait. I let the idea stew and marinate. And let's be honest, I call WonderMike. He indulges me, listening, giving me his perspective. Then, I bug Adrienne, nudge her for feedback. I write out my idea on a sheet of paper, and allow it to sit on my desk. I start turning the idea over, inside, outside, get overwhelmed, come back and do it again. This process is maddening for me. I am impatient. I love the act of making a decision - but also can not make a decision if there is not a sense of completion to the idea. While at times uncomfortable, squirmy, waiting for the answer to hit me - the entire process is dire to the project.

As always, my first motivation is color and dyeing. Then, I look at yarn, the bases. Then, I think collaboration, one of my hands down favorite aspects of my job. So, I started contacting designers - inquiring if they would be interested - started hammering out the process, dates, deadlines, inspirations. I started hearing back from the designers. Their response was favorable! I was(am) floored. Waves of excitement rush over me, the kind where you lose sleep (happily).

So, a good reason I don't release an idea the minute I get it, which I constantly have to remind the impatient side of myself, is that with the passing of time, and ultimately my interaction and relationship to my peers, that the idea only gets better. And this, the fact that I get to create with others, is what makes me love my business and feel so insanely grateful to have it in my life.

Leading up to the opening of memberships to the club, I would like to dedicate the next 3-4 weeks to highlighting each of the designers through a series of interviews. I will also be adding details about the yarns offered in the club and releasing other fine details, like the cost of the club and the exact date of when we will start officially accepting members.

Stay tuned. Later this afternoon, I will be releasing the 1st interview. I can't wait to share it with you. I can not believe how amazing (and adorable) the designers are.


Elsa said...

OMG! excited!

WonderMike said...

I'm very honored and flattered to be called. You are an inspiration to dyers, fiberisti & slow crafters everywhere. I'm soooooo looking forward to the Pro-Verbial Yarn & Fiber club!

Anonymous said...

I really wish that you would learn to write better constructed sentences. Your technical writing errors are very distracting and only dumb you down further. Also, why have you never really given a real blog high-light of the sock designer Marlowe Crawford? After all, she started designing for you first. It would be lovely to have her apart of this new yarn club.

Kristine said...

To my lovely anonymous commenter:

Aw, that's too bad you don't approve of my writing style and too bad that I am not looking for your approval. I encourage you to read blogs where you approve of the writer's sentence construction.

I think what you are trying to say is that you would like Marlowe to be a part of the club, not apart, which would mean separate.

Marlowe Crawford is indeed a great designer. Someone who I have hi-lighted (please note correct spelling) many times through my shop, at shows, on my blog, and through the Verbivore. However, Marlowe's sock patterns would not be appropriate due to the fact that this club is focused upon triangular shawls.

Furthermore, I am really happy with the designers I have chosen. They are a group of delightfully, talented people who I am thrilled to work alongside.

socks and said...

I just got my invite and have signed up for the yarn version. Not quite ready for the fiber side but that will come with time. So looking forward to enjoying your new club.

Alice in the Heartland

Mutare Posts said...

I am looking forward to what you will offer! Keep it coming and brainstorm away!