Saturday, June 5, 2010

Inspiration: Channel 1

After trying to write some long winded essay about the importance of working with your hands - I've decided to state the following:

Working with your hands is important. It is as important as getting regular exercise. Working with your is a basic human need. It keeps us sane and civilized.

I've been touring local Bay Area companies where working with your hands, as a form of income, is the rule of the day.

Please meet:

Flora Grubb
634 Jerrold Avenue
San Francisco, CA

The very last photo is my favorite. This is a close up shot of a large, maybe 5 feet tall 6 feet long vertical garden. So incredibly beautiful. Adrienne took a tour a couple years back. She said that before Flora Grubb (which by the way is the actual name of the owner), the property was home to a auto shop. I love the way FG decided to keep the old, vintage cars as part of the garden. I also adore the way that they use scale - similar to the way nature intends. Soaring ceilings and big, frothy palms down to intricate succulents - even 1 found in a teacup. My eyes were mesmerized moving through the space.

I am grateful to live in an part of the country that chooses to support companies like Flora Grubb. So, that my fancy can be tickled by her choice of aesthetic and quality. Her vision. Her gift of inspiration of which I bring into my own world, my own yard, working with my hands, growing my own food, Red Oak lettuce.

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WonderMike said...

I really truly love that place. I haven't been in quite some time so it was nice to see some contemporary photographs, which, by the way, are magnificent. :-)

The next time you go, Anthony and I would love to join you.