Monday, October 26, 2009

SOAR 2009: Arrival Day

Reporting from SOAR, I'm behind a day. It happens, right? Spin-Off Autumn Retreat is in Sunriver, Oregon this year, 2009. Adrienne and I have been working our arse(s?) off getting ready. During the beginning of the week, I am taking a 2.5 day class with Michael Cook of Wormspit titled Six Slick Silks. I'm learning how to reel silk. Crazy. Ok, I am moving ahead of myself.

So, yesterday, Sunday, we left the Bay Area bright and early for Sunriver - about an 8 hour drive. Loaded up a rental van with all sorts of fiber goodies (later in the week we are vendors). We stopped in Weed, which is the home of one of my favorite greasy spoons, the Hi-Lo Cafe. Hi-Lo CafeHi-Lo CafeHi-Lo CafeThen, we headed into the wilds of Oregon - nature! what a novel thing.Mt ShastaSOAR 2009 It always takes me a good 24 hours to unwind. The buzzing energy of the city slowly sizzling out of my system - then, I realize I am dead tired. Sorry, once again, I digress, it's been a full day, now topped off with a glass of port, snowflakes, and a hot tub. So, we pulled up to this beautiful resort - a lil condo - with a fireplace - pair of deer right outside. After I finished dinner, I peeked into my classroom and this is what I saw: SOAR 2009SOAR 2009 I can NOT wait to share what I am learning in silk class with you. It's amazing - all new information to me.SOAR 2009SOAR 2009SOAR 2009SOAR 2009 My hands are clumsy and heavy, inarticulate, and I love it. I get to feel like my students when they are first learning to spin - the frustration and exhileration of making my mind and body work together, then it does, and my head feels lighter, happier - all along, the outside world is non-existant because I am concentrating. My silk bubble.