Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taco Tuesday: Carne Adovada

I have arrived. I've been living like a monk for the past 2 years while starting my business. I saved and saved and finally took the plunge and bought a camera. Prior to this, I was borrowing Adrienne's 5 year old digital Nikon point and shoot, Ol' Trusty. Or shall I say Ol' Crusty! Oh sad! Point being, I really wanted to feel excited to take photos and to share them with you - so here we go.

We've had an amazing garden this year.

This year we chose tomatoes with our cooler Bay Area weather in mind. One of the varieties we purchased is from Siberia.Our Garden 2009

Serrano ChiliesGarden 2009

Hopi Black Dye SunflowerOur Garden 2009

Last night, Marlowe, Caitlin, Jose, and Kathleen came over to our house for dinner. It was Caitlin's last Summer night. About 2 months ago, I bought Adrienne a new cookbook Tacos by Mark Miller. I highly recommend it. The recipes are delicious and straight forward.

Last night, we used ingredients from our garden for our meal. I love that.

We made fresh tomatillo-avacado salsa, green rice, and carne adovada (pork in New Mexican red chile sauce - which we made from scratch). Taco TuesdayTaco TuesdayTaco Tuesday - Carne Adovada


aija said...

Yum! Adrienne was making me hungry with taco tweets :)

evergreenknits said...

oh WOW!

those are truly gorgeous photos. the colors are so rich, and they have such a nice, crisp texture. what kind of camera did you get?

michelle said...

what beautiful pictures. congrats on the new camera--can't wait to see it. we are jealous! we want to come to taco tuesday one of these days! school starts next week if you need a helper bee, i'd love to come and help.

Julie (aka Beadnit) said...

You are making me homesick for New Mexico, although true New Mexicans do not put tomatillos in green chile salsa - only green chiles and tomatoes. Whenever I go to visit family in NM, the first place I stop is any New Mexican restaurant that has carne adovada along with sopaipillas as the bread.