Monday, June 1, 2009

La Cumparsita and 50th Anniversary Well Wishes

Oh, Jeez! (said with a Minnesotan twang). It's been a while. In truth, I have written a couple of blog posts but am having issues with blogger - it won't post my update to the internet. So, fingers crossed, here we go.

I recently was obsessed with La Cumparsita, a shawl pattern by Marnie MacLean. The minute she released the pattern, I knew I had to knit it. The perfect opportunity arose when we learned that Adrienne's parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.Gibby & Vicki, May 1959

This past weekend, Adrienne and I traveled to Indio, California (near Palm Springs) to celebrate with Adrienne's family - and she has a big one! Adrienne's Mom is 1 of 16, her Dad is is 1 of 8. Adrienne, herself, is 1 of 5 (the youngest, if you know her, I think this is obvious. She is very carefree and sweet natured. The baby!:)) Adrienne and her siblings rented out a banquet hall to throw a party. There were over 70 people, a full sit down dinner, and dancing.

Here is Adrienne with her mom, sporting her new shawl. I think the color looks great on her.

It was a very sweet night - in many respects very emotional. Adrienne's Mom and Dad were both born in the Coachella Valley (where Indio is located). Thus, there were many people in attendance who were schoolmates. The DJ at the anniversary party, named Joe, was actually the lead singer in the band that played at Adrienne's Mom and Dad's wedding in 1959. On Saturday night, he surprised everyone by singing "It's a Wonderful Life" by Louis Armstrong - just like he had in 1959. His voice was still beautiful.

Then, there were all those that weren't there - who have passed away. Out of Adrienne's Mom's 15 siblings, I think there are 5 of them still alive. Adrienne's parents didn't always have it easy, there were many ups and downs in those 50 years. Both of Adrienne's parents worked hard to feed their children, lived simply, camping as a vacation, and many times had many disagreements over points of view - that said they stuck it out. It was completely awesome to see them, after all of these years, together. Sometimes, over the course of the night, looking over at them, I could see the distance traveled in their eyes. It was great to spend that time with Adrienne and her family, creating a space to honor and remember all that they have done throughout the years, and to honor their commitment to one another.

Here, I will leave with you a few more shots of La Cumparsita.


Off the blocking wires, released into the world.

I highly recommend knitting this pattern. It is very well written. The yarn I used is A Verb for Keeping Warm Wishing in Burnt Ember. I knit this on a size 4 needle.

I hope everyone is well!


abmatic said...

Adrienne and her mom look so much alike! Beautiful shawl!

Marnie said...

Awww, such a sweet story and the color of the yarn is stunning! Thanks for knitting my piece and posting pictures.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post!

Kim U said...

Lovely shawl and a wonderful post!

Jessica said...

Beautiful shawl, and a beautiful story! I love shawls in almost-solid colors.

the Lady said...

What a beautiful post, and of course, a beautiful shawl.

Adrienne Rodriguez said...
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Michelle (missymarie) said...

When I first saw the title "La Cumparsita" I decided to "google" it to see what it meant. La Cumparsita is a musical piece written by Uruguayan musician Gerardo Matos Rodríguez in 1917. How appropriate I thought but now to my surprise, it is the title of a shawl pattern and a beautiful one at that.

It sounds like it was a wonderful anniversary party with family and friends, memorable times together, and a very lovely handmade shawl to top it off.

knottygal said...

That is one touching story and a B-E-A-utiful shawl! :-)

Stefaneener said...

What a nice legacy you two have. And a beautiful shawl, totally commensurate for the occasion.