Friday, May 1, 2009

Goodness! 11% off Sale

Sorry for the absence. Where do I begin...? I have been working a lot. My mom came to visit for 3 weeks. She was only planning on 10 days - but given the amount of work that was in front, luckily for me, she decided to stay. I still was not caught up from Stitches. And, I was on the verge of some serious burnout. Having my mom here really lifted my spirits. She worked a lot in the store. She did a lot of dishes (sad!). We re-decorated my bathroom. I had the serious bathroom blahs. But now, we have blues and greens, whheeee!

With my mom holding down the fort, I had a chance to create some new colors - and dye a lot of stock. ** For more details, regaring specific fibers, colors, and links, please see my Ravelry group.
One of my favorite new colors is Glenda - a semi-solid purple with flashes of brown.

Probably the biggest change around here - is the decision to take Adrienne on as a full-time employee. You can imagine the discussions I'm sure. Mixing home life with work life. Church and state. Then, there's the fact that I've been under so much stress, that trying to make a decision about anything can seem...labored. Then, there's always the financial question of - can I afford Adrienne? We got through it though. I am getting more and more comfortable with taking the risks necessary to grow Verb. Running a business can be so interesting. It is so much more than just creating a product, selling it, going to the back to cash the check. I continually find that having my business is just a platform for learning about life, about my strengths and weaknesses, conflict, mediation, it's quite humbling really.

I think with Adrienne on board - that I will be able to dye more product, take more members into the fiber club, get FiberShock up and running, and teach more. I am so greateful to all of you, and for your continuous support, that we have been able to grow Verb, and bring Adrienne on board.

As a token of my gratitude for all of the support everyone out there has given me / us - and as a celebratory measure for Adrienne's arrival. I am offering a 11% discount throughout tomorrow, Saturday, May 2nd. If you are in town, stop by the studio, we will have treats and beverages. Plus, everyone who purchases something, online or in store, is automatically entered into a drawing to receive a free, surprise Verb gift. Please enter ELEVEN as the coupon code when checking out.

I hope everyone is well!