Sunday, March 8, 2009

Get Stitchy With it! Stitches West 2009

There is a part of my brain that is exhausted - and all it can say is "Thank God it's over" and then there's the other part of my brain. The part that gets me into all sorts of trouble - and that part can't wait to do it again. Who will win?

Beyond all of the arguments, Stitches West was once again an amazing experience. Don't get me wrong, love all of the yarn. But love the people I meet more. In my world, Suze Orman says "People first, then yarn, then things."

Here are a few photos of the days leading up to the event.

A moment of labeling mania.This is our new 100% BFL yarn, DK weight. It's funny how my brain understands making yarn. We get very excited when the yarn comes out of the dyepot and figure that it is now finished. Wrong! So very wrong! Only halfway to being done. There is washing, drying, re-skeining, labeling, pricing, and then inventory. I am learning, the hard way, that yarn coming out of the dyepot 3 days before a show needs more than 3 days to accomplish the above list of tasks.

Designing the booth layout with my architect friend Tiffany. So, then the yarn and the fiber are labeled but it doesn't end here in show land. Now, it's time to design display units, choose materials, build them, and decide how they will live in a 10x10 space. Seriously, Adrienne and I almost got divorced over these units. Truly. Verb almost went up for sale. First $10 takes all. In the end, the units were built, stained, and held yarn, all in a few day's work. Tiffany's way of seeing space is amazing. She worked it. The weather co-operated and we had sunny skies long enough to set things up and take them down.

Adrienne and I met Michael at the studio Thursday morning, loaded our van and his car, and embarked on our adventure to Stitches. Honestly, I was so exhausted that I was finding it difficult to be nervous. It's about a 30 minute drive down to Santa Clara from Berkeley. As we were getting on 237 from 880, we heard a sound, a thumpy bumpy sound, the car slowing, Adrienne pulled it over to the side of the road. Our tire was flat. I burst out laughing! What else to do? Michael came to the rescue. He has AAA. Thank god! They came within 3 minutes, changed our tire, and we were on our way.

This is what we created when we arrived to Stitches.

Open for business! Through the doors of Stitches, all sorts of insanely awesome, creative, sweet people grace the halls of Stitches. Some highlights - but not limited to - include:

CAT Bordhi! So fun, and super sweet. Loves Thai Iced Tea. Photo courtesy of Michael Wade.

I also had the chance to chat a bit with Rosemary of Designs by Romi. She is my friend on Twitter so it was great to see her in real life. Love her, love her work, almost finished with Waves of Grain. Met the peeps at Blue Moon, they are PUMPED about Sock Summit. Very cute.

Towards the end of Saturday, I got this sudden urge to purchase yarn. Crazy, right? My criteria: yarn that I had absolutely nothing to do with creating, worsted to bulky, instant gratification, it could even be a bit trashy if necessary. I cruised the market, poking my head into many a booth looking for my new love. And there it was: Toots Le Blanc bulky Jacob/Alpaca in this beautiful creamy color with just a hint of warm pink. I had been to the Asciano booth earlier looking at spindles and headed back that way - although, not to purchase a spindle - with the intent to buy a gorgeous pair of hand turned, rosewood needles. Both purchases so simple yet so luscious. It was exactly the treat I was looking for. Satisfied, I returned to the Hilton, sat on an overstuffed couch in the lobby, knit, and drank a vodka with soda.

Later that night, we made our way to a cocktail party atBobbin's Nest in Santa Clara. It was my first time to the store. It's adorable. I highly recommend a visit and everyone there was so nice. Bobbin's Nest was the first store I've been to in the South Bay. I feel a shop hop coming...

Well, if you were at Stitches, I hope that you had a great time. Everyone else, I hope you are well. Spring is coming and I am so excited. Walks with my dog very high on the list of wonderful things to do.


Shannon said...

Your booth looked amazing! Way to go! I wish I could have been there, but at least my yarn was. I'm planning to vend at Stitches East with a group of handspinners even though my little family is moving back to California this summer...crazy!

cpurl17 said...

Your booth was lovely. Our little group made it a destination stop for sure. Now that I finished my scarf, I need a Verb fix!

Lisa T said...

The booth looked great in person, I can attest to that! It was my first year there, I liked the look you created in your little nook.

Anonymous said...

The booth was super cute! I am still just fondling the roving I bought, it's so luscious. Keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

Ah! That overstuffed couch and a vodka sounds wonderful :) So happy that Stitches was so wonderful for you. Terry

CassieMarie said...

Your booth looks awesome!!
I hope you have time for a little relaxing after all of that hard work!!

WonderMike said...

I'm honored and thrilled to be a part of the magic!!!

WonderMike said...
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Sasha said...

Fantastic! You've defnitely earned a break to knit up your lovely new yarn on those gogeous needles! I always love seeing shots of Stitches and the fibre fairs, since we don't really have any here in Oz!

Unknown said...

Your booth was so beautiful! Congrats on a great Stitches.

Anonymous said...

Your booth was GORGEOUS! And the camel/silk roving I bought even more so. I started spinning it that very evening and haven't stopped since. It's going to make me a very lovely shawl, I tell you!

It was great to discover a sorta local to me artist (I spent the occasional weekend up in Livermore) - I'll have to stop by your studio sometime!