Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Will work for fiber. The spinning kind.

To say that we have working our buns off may be an understatement. That said, in my life, when I am working, 9 times out of 10, means that I am having fun.

When I last left you, we were at the part where we were opening our new store. I have news about that but first I thought that I would entertain you with a few behind the scenes photos of the week leading up to our big day.

This is a story about renting in the Bay Area. As those of you know who live in the Bay Area, landlord-tenant relations is a constant dance. Rent is ridiculously high and does not really equate to any kind of amenities. For instance, my dream, as a 31 year old, is to one day have a dishwasher in an apartment that costs less than $2000 a month.

Adrienne and my last home was extremely beautiful, built in Craftsmen bookshelves, wood floors, remodeled kitchen, not safe though. Once, we found a man in our house. It was noon. I unlocked the front door, entered, and there he was. As he saw us, he ran back out the window where he had entered leaving shards of glass everywhere, etc. At the beautiful house, we have a landlord who was constantly in our sh*t. Wanted to know where we hanging our photos, how we were hanging them - were the walls being harmed. Who cares about the man. The walls might get ruined. Then, there was the time when the woman, high on crack(?), sporting a sweatsuit, sat on her ten speed bike outside of our house for 5 hours. Moving about a foot an hour. Falling asleep on her bike (talent!). Even masturbating on the bar of her bike (special!). Until finally waking from her drugged dream to bike away onto her next fix. And this is just two examples of our 3 years living there.

This is in sharp contrast to our current living situation. When I am in a rational mood, I figure that Adrienne and I actually pay a semi-reasonable amount of rent. We live in a superb neighborhood - within walking distance to some of the Bay Area's best restaurants, a fantastic library, and my favorite chocolate cafe. This neighborhood is safe. And here is the big kicker, our flat is HUGE in Bay Area apartment living. We actually have two bedrooms. One that is 300 sqft! This is our workroom. Here's the stickler, our flat is Ugly (capital U). The ceilings are low, the walls spackled, and the carpet (carpet!)...let's not even go there. When they built this portion of our 100 year house, they must of had a budget of $100.

We have a somewhat comical relationship with our landlord. In comparison to our last landlord, this landlord is extremely hands-off. We rejoice in this - but this also means that most likely if something breaks, Adrienne is going to fix it. I prefer if Adrienne does fix it - she does a thorough job at fixing things. So, a few weeks back when I garnered enough courage to ask my landlord for new carpeting, I was flat out shocked that he immediately answered yes. And, he wanted to install it the week before my store opening. Yes, this is insane. But I was so afraid to say no - and that it may never be done. Adrienne was definitely not on board. And when she gets in this space, it is kind of like hell on earth. She is stubborn! And, I think she secretly wanted to seek revenge on me. And I don' think I am being paranoid.

This is where the "comic" relief comes in. We received an email from my landlord saying that we needed to move all of our breakables, empty bookshelves, etc. Ok, I can handle that, even though that met we would not be able to walk into our kitchen or bathroom. However, when the carpet installers arrived, they looked around in all of our furniture - and the fact that it wasn't broken down and stored. Major miscommunication between my landlord and carpet installing guys. Adrienne had to call into work to let them know that she wasn't coming. The two of us took apart our bed and moved every piece of furniture our house from room to room following the installers as they worked. It sucked. We are still reassembling the house. We are still sleeping on the floor. Hmmmm... re-assemble the bed frame or spin. Spin! Wins every time.

Our bed in the family room.

Our kitchen

While waiting for the guys to finish the family room, I found a few quiet moments to knit. I am working on a Habu cardigan. How do you like my outfit? It's a jumpsuit! And it is the only things I could find to wear because all of our clothes were in the bathtub!

Well, Top Chef is on - and its a new episode so I will bid adieu. I have been dyeing a lot of new yarn (alpaca silk) and fiber (yak) and am in the middle of uploading it to the webstore. I will post photos of it here and photos of the new store tomorrow.



abmatic said...

that looks like a really stressful situation.. at least now you have new carpets and your rent is still a steal!

the Lady said...

Oh. Shit.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Makes my recent move to Berkeley and subsequent wrestle with "stuff" look like a piece of cake. Am looking forward to seeing your new workshop space.

Lisa T said...

not a fun day at ALL. Keep the dream of the dishwasher alive. I'm living it -- and we have a view.

KatDee said...

Nice Chacos, Kristine.