Sunday, December 28, 2008


I hope so! I just ate a mushroom that Adrienne picked in the cemetery. It was a boletus aka porcini. Wish me gastronomical luck!


Anna said...

We have porcinis here in the ski basin (as well as chanterelles--yum!). the way to tell is to check the undersides. Porcinis are spongey/sporey instead of having gills commonly associated with mushrooms. We pick them late summer and sometimes have enough to dry and last us through the winter. I was real scared at first too, but now that I know about how to identify them, it doesn't feel so dangerous. Love to you and the lady (and the babies!). Happy winter!
xo. ak.

p.s. Presents on the way!

Adrienne said...

she's still alive!! me too. I think I will have more today. The kind that grow near us are Suillus pungens. AKA " The pungent Slippery Jack" It smells like buttery bananas.

Anna, I would love to visit and go mushroom hunting with you!!!! Miss you mucho!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Oh my !!! You should post soon so everyone knows you're okay.

velmalikevelvet said...

Mmmmm, corpse-fed 'shrooms! Intriguing. ;)

Thanks for visiting me on my blog - and for commenting! Sisters in arms, we.

You going to BSG this year?

Turtle said...

uh-oh you haven't posted since the mushroom incident! hope your well and happy new year!