Monday, November 10, 2008


Your dreams are beautiful! Amazing how many of us wish to own a farm - or more control over the space in which we inhabit. In my mind's eye, I have a fiber farm of my own. A place that has strawbale guest houses, so that all of you can come, stay, and take textile workshops with teachers from around the world. We would have a production dye garden, a large vegetable garden, and a handspinners flock.

The winner of the contest is ikkinlala. Please write to me with your address and let me know if you are a spinner and a knitter - or just one or the other. So that I know what types of goodies to put in your package.

Thank you everyone for sharing your dreams! Sleep tight.

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marcia-x said...

In my dream I've converted an old warehouse or manufacturing building (with lots of windows) into live-work (fiber) artists lofts. The top two or three floors house workshop space and guest housing for visiting instructors and students. There is always a workshop or two going on. The rooftop garden design hasn't been completed yet.