Thursday, August 28, 2008

Poo Power

It has been so wonderfully sunny and warm. Our dye garden is in full swing (thanks to Marcel's nutritious poo power). We're harvesting on a daily basis cosmos, correopsis, dahlias, and bronze fennel. Poor Marcel has been so hot -- the big ball of fluff that he is.
He is molting right now. He does that every three months. At night, I pull bits of fluff off of him. There are spots on him that give more fluff than others, almost like a spigot. I keep pulling and pulling sometimes to the point that I think he will have a bald spot, but, no, he just has a ton of fur. My friend Rebekah turned me onto an Angora grooming class on September 20th at a bunny store named Rabbit Ears in Kensington. I hope to learn better organizational skills when taking his fur off of him. Right now, I am just kind of stuffing it into a tupperware container every which way because I am still learning how to keep him still long enough for me to groom him. My fiber self just keeps saying -- it's ok -- it is like a big rolag -- think woolen.

Cleo and Marcel are making headway. Except for brief moments when Cleo tries to hump Marcel at which point we all yell "off Cleo, off!" My neighbors must be like WTF?!Anyhow, I give good thanks that Cleo is no longer trying to
A.) Bite Marcel
B.) Chase Marcel
C.) Is now listening to voice commands when around Marcel.

On the spinning front, my buddy A gave me the most luscious gift. Hand combed top. When I say these three words, they seem so limited, short, small, easy, a mere second to type. When really these three words encompass, maybe, if we were to sit down and write from beginning to end what it takes to make hand combed top a 50,000 word essay. If you read A's blog, she has been giving quite a beautiful description of her process: buying a fleece, washing it, combing it, spinning it, and soon, we may see what she knits from it. if you have an interest in learning how to do this kind of thing, reading her blog would be an amazing place to start. And, if you do decide to join A in her pursuits, I welcome all gifts of hand combed top! Don't you even think twice about sending it my way! As I just finished spinning the top A gave to me. I can already feel the affect of withdrawal coming on.

Now, onto a bit of Verb news.

First! Date Change! I have decided for the sake of sanity to push back the Verb Anniversary Party. The new date is Saturday, September 20th. This will give a bit of extra time to make some special fibery, yarn-y goodness for the party. More details will follow in the next week or so.

Next bit of news, I updated the store this week with 11 new colors of BFL spinning fiber. Sometimes I think I've grown tired of BFL, it's what I learned on for god sakes, but then I spin it, and remember why I love it so. It drafts so easily. It takes dye so beautifully. And it is so wonderfully woolly. It's a classic.

Last but not least, The Fiber Club is filling up with so many amazing members. If you are thinking of joining, come on over, membership is open only a few more days - until September 1st at 11:59pm pst.

I hope everyone is doing well!


aija said...

Yay! I am in love with combing, and am so happy you dig the stuff too :) K and I will have to come by to the party with more slivers from more recent fleeces!

Sonya said...

Cleo listening to vice commands around Marcel - that is HUGE! I don't think my dog could ever snap out of the intoxicating odor of rabbit. Forget ears, it would be all nose and instinct. They are such cuties!

Kim MacKenzie said...

Kristine, I look forward to your party on the 20th! Will you be posting the address?
Thanks, Kim

Anonymous said...

If you want to learn about angora rabbits, then I suggest you contact my friend, Betty. She is an expert. She has raised English Angora, shown them and spun the fiber for more than 20 yr. Look at her blog:
and website:

Elaine said...

Oh, I am SO bummed that I just missed your sign up deadline for the Fiber Club... not that I truly, honestly, NEED more fiber, but "I wants it, my precious, I do"... I just discovered your store and your blog tonight, which is actually today, as it is nearing 1 am. We have much in common.

I'll be back! Elaine

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what your Anniversary Party entails -- but did you notice the angora grooming class and the party are on the same day??

I only mention this because if I were having a party - I would be far too nervous (and BUSY) to stop to take class on the same day :)

Your hand combed top looks good enough to EAT!! DELISH!!!