Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Back! AVFKW Fiber Club

I'm back from my hiatus. I really did clean and organize my desk. While it was nice to take some time off the front line, to gather some thoughts, I am so happy to be back. And, I have a lot of exciting news to share with you.

The A Verb for Keeping Warm Fiber Club is open for membership.

Let me tell ya. I hemmed and hawed over this one. So many choices, which one to offer first. We have a whole lifetime ahead of us to spin, right? So, figure this a jumping off point. Today, you have a choice of 2 options. Memberships will be available for purchase until September 1st, 11:59pst.

Option 1: Woolly Wonders
It's all about the sheep with this package. Explore the amazing variety of sheep's wool and the variety of ways that it is processed and dyed. 4oz per month. Examples of fiber that may be included, but not limited to, are finn, merino, bluefaced leicester, Shetland, targhee, cvm, California red, polwarth, corriedale, etc.
$24 includes tax and shipping
$68.40 includes 5% discount, shipping, tax, 3 months of fiber

Option 2: Ultra
Only the best in luxury fibers will arrive to your doorstep, fresh from the dyepot, ready to be turned into beautiful, intense yarn. 2-3oz per month. Fibers may include, but are not limited to: silk, silk blends, cashmere, angora, alpaca, llama, cashgora, pygora, etc.
$30 includes tax and shipping
$85.50 includes 5% discount, shipping, tax, 3 months of fiber

My main goal behind offering this club is to expand your creativity and mine. We are going to do things a little bit differently than other clubs out there. Instead of offering one type of fiber per shipment. You may receive one or more types of fiber per shipment. I really want to encourage you to create your own blends of fiber and your own unique color combinations. I would really love to see members of this club expand their knowledge of spinning and the vast amount of different yarns that can be made from a single package of fiber. One of the single most rewarding aspects of my job as a dyer is to watch how each one of you chooses to spin your yarn, and how each one of you chooses to work with that spun yarn. It really is quite amazing - the boundless creativity.

I have chosen our A VFKW Ravelry group as a space to share fiber club yarns, projects, and comments about your process. I have also created a Flickr group to share photos. I really hope that you will join us!

Ok, now for my next announcement.

Mark You Calenders! It's AVFKW's 1st birthday party.
When: Saturday, Sept 6th 10-5
Where: AVFKW Studio, Berkeley

I will let you know more details in the next few days. Come over and help us celebrate.

Be back soon. I have some FO's to share. I did manage to get in some knitting and spinning over the past few weeks.


Jessica said...

Hooray! *tinks wine glasses together* Congratulations on both the fiber club and the upcoming birthday. I can't wait to see what wonderful fibers you come up with!

Adrienne Rodriguez said...

Yea!!!! Cheers to your new venture! I know you will have lot's of fun with this one!!! I am so excited for you.

the Lady said...

Congratulations on your first year! And I'm so into the woolly club!

Anonymous said...

The idea that I will have AVFKW fiber headed my way each month is almost too awesome for words. I'm already signed up for the woolly club. Congratulations, and thank you!