Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Whoa! This is a long one!

As I type, Marcel is running around my desk, nibbling on hay and papers he finds here and there. He is quite frisky, curious too. And get this, he is potty trained! You should of heard Adrienne and I when we found his lil poos in his litter box -- cheering, ooohing and aahhhing. We now think he is ready to take his SATs.

Cleo is absolutely in love with Marcel. It is however a different kind of love then the love Adrienne and I have for him. Perhaps hers is a love of feast. She sits diligently at the base of the table upon which his cage sits. After the first four days, Cleo finally began to sleep again and to eat again. Which reminds me, I received in the mail a book titled House Rabbit Handbook. It was sent anonymously. Thank you, huge thank you to whoever sent this book! In the first five minutes of reading it, I began to understand Marcel. There is a chapter in this book titled Rapport with Multiple Animals. Literally, it reads "I'm sure I am not the only person to bring home a new animal and think within the first hour, What have I done?" Oh my! Someone else feels this way! The author is lucky that she had that worry for only the first hour. I was so happy to read this sentence, and hopeful, that things will quiet down.

Today is Wednesday, which means that I have a store update to share with you. I am happy to announce we have added an Organic! line.

Organic! Merino Worsted Yarn

Organic! Cotton Boucle Yarn
This yarn is too cool. The cotton used in this yarn is grown in Northern California. It is grown in a soft green color. I have dipped this yarn in indigo to enhance the green color. As you use this yarn, the green will grow in richness.

Organic! Merino Fiber

I also have some Organic! Cotton sliver for spinning. I forgot it at my studio but will photograph it and have it ready for sale by next week's update. Otherwise, I also added some new colors of 50% Silk-50% Merino fiber and 50/50 Baby Camel Silk fiber.

A bit of a warning, my head has been heavy with thought, my heart heavy with emotion, for those of you daring to read further, there are strong opinions expressed.

This weekend was Pride. San Francisco was alive with activity. Every year, Adrienne and I head over to the city on Saturday night to hang out with the ladies and walk in the Dyke March. The parade always starts with Dykes on Bikes.

Pink Saturday party in the Castro.

This year, we had our friends from New York visiting, Keisha and Erin.

They were here because Keisha had a short film in Frameline. We went to the showing at the Castro theater. The shorts were great. Some a little quirky, one which was very quirky, involving a girl dressed like a sheep. I would have preferred her to be dressed as another animal, you know? All and all we had a fabulous time. It was great. Very festive. Wonderful to see the support. I honestly get a little misty eyed when I see so many people come out to support gay rights. And gay marriage being legalized in California...don't even get me started if you don't want to see the tears roll down my cheeks.

Viscous Cycles.
As you may have noticed from the above paragraph, I have been feeling quite emotional. I am sure that some of this feeling has to do with working a bit too much. I love my work so much, to the point where sometimes I think that I may lose perspective and become numb as I work longer and longer hours. I have a history of this kind of behavior. I can also become highly critical of myself as I try to alter this obsessive callings. I try to use my business as a platform to learn more about these habits and to alter them while also remembering that this type of "work ethic" runs in my blood and to have compassion for myself. We all have our good weeks and our not so good weeks, right?

Right now is such a monumental time in the United States. We are in a transitional time that I believe is only going to gain momentum over the next 12 months. I can get very caught up in the political atmosphere of the U.S. To give you a little bit of my history, when Bush became president, notice the lil p, I was so angry. I am still angry (thank god for knitting and spinning). When I learned that I had received the Fulbright to study in India. I was ecstatic. Not only because I was being given the opportunity to research textiles, but because I swore that I would not live in the U.S. while Bush was president. I knew, packing my bags, that I would try to live abroad for as long as possible. I arrived to India on Sept 9th, 2001. Only for the horrific events on September 11th to happen within 2 days of arrival. For obvious reasons, I was devastated to learn of the destruction and suffering. And then further shocked, and continually dismayed by the way the U.S. government has used this incident as a platform and tool to instill fear. I dragged out my Fulbright to two years. Recognizing the inevitable, I arrived in the U.S. as the Iraq war began.

Since my return to the U.S., I find myself wavering between outrage and numbness. Especially after Bush was elected for a second term, I felt powerless. Whether or not that is true, that is up for discussion, but that is how I have felt nonetheless.

Now, the news, pounding away about housing, gas, stock market, unemployment, and about the war in Iraq. I am so angry about where we are at as a country. And, I am so mad at the media! Living in fear, what an awful place to be. No wonder I feel sad and angry! I know this tirade is exhausting, but when it sits there in my heart, I must say something.

However, I don't want to forget that there are always 2 sides to the coin. On this coin, the other side for me includes Obama and Clinton running for president, something I am so grateful to see in my lifetime. And, gay marriage is now legal in California. While there may be some truth to the news about the economy, I would like to put it into perspective, I can not allow the media or the government to scare me into thinking that we are at our wits end. Hardly able to survive. Fear makes me bitter, angry, and at its height uncreative. It is defeating and ugly. I strongly believe that those of us living fearlessly (or trying to anyway) can influence and change those around us, and those around them. So, who out there is going to join me and get on the "fearless living" bandwagon?!


lupinbunny said...

For eleven years Australia had probably its most conservative PM ever. He was in power since 1996, when I was 11. And in that time became progressively more and more conservative. While not rigging the vote quite so badly as Bush, he won an election he was predicted to lose through a scare campaign about refugees that turned out to be a complete lie. We had an election late last year. Our opposition had a new leader, offering a new vision (is any of this sounding familiar?) And he won. By a landslide. So many young people who had grown up knowing noone but the other PM as head of State finally got to vote. People were sick, it seems, of the focus on the economy at the expense of social welfare and a sense of humanity. People were sick of watching our leader drag us down the same path America has trod, with the same terrible results. I personally was proud that we got our first bilingual PM, and our first female deputy PM. Man, did we have a party on election night. It was amazing. If you want to search YouTube for a track called The King Is Dead, by The Herd, that captures what the election felt like for young people (left-leaning ones at least), though you may not get all the political/ social references in it. Best of luck for your election. I can tell you, it feels pretty amazing to have a head of State that I'm proud of :)

Marlowe said...

I share your pain. Count me in on fearless living as this is something I want so very much for Caitlin.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I especially share your thoughts about the media. Sometimes I find myself giving into their fear and thinking, "The world is coming to an end!" and I have to remind myself that is only what they want me to think. As wonderful as it would be to leave for another country, I am glad to live here, because if all of us thinking folk went away, this place would be a bigger mess than ever. Though on the other hand, I think the insight that can only be gained from a distance is invaluable. In any case, I am excited to be living here (in California especially) at this pivotal point in our history.

Also: that cotton looks divine!

Sonya said...

I was wondering how Cleo was taking to Marcel. We had a rescued rabbit in our house and I was taking care of my brother's pointer who would stand stock still, watching the poor bun.

I hear you about the gloom and doom. The isolation and xenophobia fostered by our fear-mongering leader. I had the displeasure of being told by some oil company retired elders how the world was going into hell in a hand bucket. Fearless living is right. Change is coming. Some will be welcome, some will be different, some might be scary. I am hopping on that bandwagon Kristine!

Melly Testa said...

Thank you for writing this. For me, I really heard the part about sinking into and loving your own work while maintaining a compassionate self perspective. I am writing a book about the techniques I use to make my art, and I am a textile person too. My manuscript needs to be shipped out in less than 10 days and I am trying to keep my stress level to a manageable level. As a result I am in a bubble and have cut everything else out. Well, except that I just got my first spindle and TRY to take a minute here of there to spin even just a 24" length of yarn. A great distraction. But I hear you and support you.

CassieMarie said...

I understand your passion. I am not a stringent democrat, or a republican, but somewhere inbetween. My main concern in life is caring for others around myself, and having better communities. I am VERY passionate about reversing social injustice. I am hoping Illinois and Wisconsin are the next in line to legalize gay marriage. I just can't believe I live in a state where my best friend cannot get married when his love for his partner is the same as the love between my husband and I. Where is the justice in that? Sorry for the rant! I just wanted to let you know I'm in your corner!!
I know it is hard to deal with the world around us, but don't let it get you down! The best we can do is keep voting and keep doing things within our communities to make them better places.
*Sending hugs & happy thoughts your way!*

Deb said...

Great post! I love what you say--as I recovering work-a-holic sometimes it doesn't matter how much you love what you do there has to be balance. However, when you push yourself it makes you examine yourself and your world. I'm right with you on the passion you feel for the political disaster and the wonderful new opportunities that we are witnessing right now. And of course the organic line is fab! As is Marcel:) I will have to see if the girls are litter box trained too.

nicole said...

Fearless living, absolutely! I too yearn to be fearless in my choices, hopes, and actions, which for me means not being afraid of being true to myself.

Living in Canada, it's a little bit easier to ignore the fear machine (though we have our share too, as we're so immersed in American culture).

But I do think the times, they are a'changing, and for the better. I'm quite excited by the thought that Obama may be your next President (notice the capital p!) And I hope that everyone in your country will soon benefit from the essential rights that we enjoy in Canada: the right to healthcare, the right to marry no matter who you love, and the right to live free from the war-mongers and fear-peddlers.

WonderMike said...

Fearless Living!!!!!!!!!!

Screw the media. Screw bush (note the lower case "b", and screw small-minded bigots and homophobes.

On a more personal note, I know that you and Ade will be perfect parents to Marcel *and* Cleo and I can't wait to see the lovely fiber that you collect.