Monday, June 16, 2008

WWKIP: SFMOMA here we come!

Saturday was WWKIP day. Basically, I love anything that has to do with fiber and socializing. Which is kind of funny, under most circumstances, I would consider myself an introvert. I guess fiber really pulls me out of my shell.

On Saturday, I didn't have any solid plans for WWKIP. The real issue is -- is that there are too many things I want to do and not enough time. I knew that really I should work, and continue dyeing for the Black Sheep Gathering but how can I resist a little knitting in public? I knew of three potential places that knitters were gathering. Knit-One-One in Emeryville, Memorial Park in Albany, and Union Square in San Francisco. All great places filled with great people, but we decided to do something altogether different. At 8am yesterday morning, the time of day when I get most of my ideas, I recalled Adrienne telling me that the SFMOMA is now going to allow photography in the permanent collection's galleries. So, I thought -- hey let's go and knit with the paintings!. We called Sara and we were off...

Adrienne with a Rothko.

Sara with a Joan Mitchell.

This is an amazing piece. These are silk flowers sewn together to make a curtain. Not like we haven't been sewing things like this since let's see eternity. But now a man has done it - so it's Art. Ooooh hiss!

I am with the Femme Au Chapeau by Matisse. Here she is looking at me.

And here she is looking at my shawl that I am knitting. I don't think she approves. She told me to frog it! How rude!

We couldn't leave spinning out. Moore. Calder.

Then, we went back to the studio to sort our new Cormo fleece (Cormo + Merino). As explained a few posts back, I wrote that I fell down and bought another fleece!! At least this time I took Sara down with me, and the nice Cormo sheep grower agreed to split the fleece. So, when all was said and done, I ended up with only a quarter of a fleece. This is kind of like telling a cocaine addict that one line won't really get you addicted. It's just recreational. So, here we are, high as a kite, sorting the fleece to be washed.

Then, Adrienne and I carried the knitting and spinning party to our favorite cafe, Bittersweet. It's a chocolate cafe! One of the breakthroughs to having my new studio, is now, I only frequent Bittersweet once a week instead of 5-7 times a week. This would be absolutely fantastic news except that now I have a new cafe I frequent, Cafe Clem. It is literally on the other side of my wall at the studio. It is a french cafe. You can imagine the pastries and cakes.

For everyone who is just tuning in, right below this post, there are details about a contest I am holding right now, let us know how you spent WWKIP day, and you will be entered to win a bundle of baby camel / silk spinning fiber.

For all of you who have already played, I have loved reading all of your comments about what you have planned for WWKIP day. I absolutely love to learn of all the different places people live. It has totally yanked me out of my bad mood!


Adrienne Rodriguez said...

I just wanted to say it was a great day! There's nothing like spending the day knitting, looking at art, drinking hot chocolate, and hanging out with good friends.

aija said...

Sweet day!! I'm biased and looking close-close at the cormo :) Do you separate it up into different grades? (I'm lazy, it all gets washed up and tossed together-- I'm *this close* to being finished with washing the cormo I picked up at the same time as you :))

We went to Robogames for WWKIP-- walked around knitting a sock :)

michelle said...

What a great day you guys had!! I love your pictures at the museum, did you frog the shawl under the madame's wishes?

Sonya said...

That does look like a great way to knit in public. The Rothko really suits Adrienne. And Bittersweet - yum!

lupinbunny said...

The Rothko makes a lovely backdrop doesn't it (about all a Rothko should be - ooh! Hiss! I was so disappointed when a Rothko tour finally came to my city and they were so... small). And why is it that despite having a degree majoring in art history, when I look at the Mitchell a little voice in my head goes "My three year old could make that!" (I don't even have a kid!) Must be my inner redneck.

cpurl17 said...

Lovely day!

thanks for the tip about the SFMOMA allowing photographs! What lovely backdrops for your knitting--except for that rude lady. ;)

Marlowe said...

Looks like a lovely day. I'm in love with the chocolate chai at Bittersweet. It takes a lot of willpower to not walk down there once I arrive at Rockridge on my way home.

Anonymous said...

Cool, I didn't know you could take pictures at MOMA now! Looks like a fun day.