Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jeanne! You've won!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for playing along in the WWKIP contest. It was great to learn about all of your plans. Thanks for playing!

The winner of the contest is Jeanne from North Manchester, Indiana. Jeanne, get in touch, email me your contact info and I will mail the fiber to you. Congratulations!

Tomorrow, we head to Eugene, Oregon to the Black Sheep Festival. Very exciting. The AVFKW store will be up and running while we are out of town. I will be checking my email while we are gone. However, anything purchased during this time will not be shipped until Wednesday, June 25th.



Anonymous said...

I will see you at BSG, Kristine. Another alpaca breeder, Vicki, and I are traveling up on Thursday, taking a bunch of classes, and I am bringining 2 fleeces for the alpaca fiber show.

See you there!


Andrea said...

have fun kristine! i had big plans for going this year but alas, they ended up falling through. its probably for the best considering the stash and the wallet. but oh the fleeces...enjoy!

Turtle said...

congrats! what a bunch of great public knit day stories!