Monday, June 9, 2008

I am warmed.

The studio warming was amazing.

We had so many wonderful visitors.

Jennifer with her handspun alpaca.

Kai being simply adorable.

Karrie with her handspun California Red. See that sachet behind Karrie's head, she makes those! I love how they smell.

Lacefreak & WonderMike -- oooohing over her handspun madder dyed black bfl. She spun a laceweight 2 ply. She came with her sister May and brought cherries and cake! You can see more of Michael's photos here. His photos are gorgeous!

Betsy spinning silk. She is also sporting a lovely bracelet of handspun vermillion bfl.


and her gorgeous Merino yarn in the colorway Cosmos. Marlowe also brought delicious, homemade cupcakes. She is quite a baker amongst her many other talents.

I wish I would have taken more photographs. Honestly, I get kind of shy with the camera. Thank you to everyone who came. I am so glad that I had all of you to celebrate this occasion. I had such a wonderful time chatting with everyone, showing everyone around the studio, and seeing everyone's projects.

On Saturday night, after the opening, we went to our friends' wedding. The bride Alicia is Chinese-American. She wore a gorgeous red silk, custom made wedding dress. It was amazing and they served a 10 course dinner (including sharkfin soup and jellyfish). Halfway through the dinner, 2 dancing dragons entered the room, with drummers. They did all sorts of acrobatics. Then, one of the dragon's came over to Adrienne and literally ate her head -- for a good minute and half -- her head was inside of an upholstered dragon's mouth. It was hilarious. And, I didn't have my camera! I can't believe it!


aija said...

Oh, he did the cheesy smile for you! :)

What a really awesome time-- and what a great thing to see all of your yarn and fiber displayed in your studio, awesome impact.

karrie said...

I cannot believe how much dyeing you have been getting done! I was so impressed at how full and lovely all of your shelves were!

I can't wait for the next open studio! there will be more, right?

Andrea said...

yes, please say there will be another open studio! i am so bummed to have missed your big opening! it looked so fun!

Marlowe said...

I have to agree with Karrie and Aija about how impressive and beautiful your output has been. To see it all displayed was so wonderful!

Michelle (missymarie) said...

Your studio has turned into a beautifully displayed yarn/fiber shop. All of your hardwork with the help of Adrienne really shows with the success of your "open studio." Amazing....simply amazing!

cpurl17 said...

The studio looks wonderful! I wish I could have come but all I do these days on the weekend is walk!

the Lady said...

All of that fiber looks so beautiful! I'll have to come next time.