Wednesday, May 7, 2008

And the Winner is...

Beth from Michigan!!

Beth, email me your address and I will have your fiber shipped to you ASAP.

To everyone else, thank you for playing. I will have more fun contests in the future. We just started a group on Ravelry called A Verb for Keeping Warm (I know, how original right?). I would love it if you joined us.

I, along with all of you, spy Ms. Pearl-McPhee. I heard her speak for the first time at the Maker Faire. I have to admit, I was a little leery at first. Well, when you hear second hand so much about someone...and no one can really explain exactly why they love her. I heard she is humorous, I have see a clip of her bringing knitters together in Central Park -- which don't get me wrong is very cool. However, hearing her talk was absolutely amazing. And, like those before me, I stumble over explaining her speech. I think that is what makes her so great. When you hear her speak, everything she says rings so true, and her articulation of each point she makes, so exact. However, upon reflecting on her speech, I can not explain such fine points with articulation.

This is what I can recall: she made fun of those who make fun of knitters (always a good time), she brought up alcoholism amongst those who own yarn companies (in response to the precision of knitters banding together as a unit - I can attest to both the alcoholism and the banding). My favorite part of her speech (that I can recollect at this moment, I had many moments) was her explanation of the brain. And our brains when we knit. She connected an article that I read a year or so ago about monks, who though meditation, spend a decent amount of time in a state of mind called theda. By spending this amount of time in theda, they have a lot of activity in the left side of their brain, thus raising levels of creativity. When I read the article, I believe I read that they were actually able to raise their IQ. Stephanie spoke of the similarities between meditation and knitting, the repetitive motion, and the positive physical and psychological aspects of knitting (and I would push the argument even further to include spinning). Anyhow, I hope I have recollected this correctly. I welcome others to share their experience hearing her speak and add any additional points.

In other news, the new tees are now available on our website.

Also, we are offering a new yarn. I love it. It is 100% baby alpaca. 4oz. 1000 yds. Lovely, soft, wonderful, lace.


Turtle said...

Congrats to the winner! i have yet to meet the yarn harlot but enjoy reading her books, seriously lol at work when reading them. People stare! Off to peek around your store!

KatDee said...

The black spinning wheel shirt looks totally hot. Sort of goth, actually.

Oh, hey, if you made it in a khaki color, it would be totally steampunk! Oh, why didn't I think of that before Maker Faire? ;)

SpinalCat said...

It's "theta." :)
(majored in neuroscience)

I love the spinning wheel shirt too. I'm regretting not getting one at Stitches.

Anonymous said...

I PMed you my address in Ravelry! You've made my day, thanks!

WonderMike said...

How freaking cute is Adrienne?!!! Oh, and the fiber's pretty fab, too. ;-)