Sunday, March 23, 2008

Baby Bumps.

Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny came to my house and left this on my desk. This weekend, life has been very fun and very crazy. The weather has been absolutely beautiful, sunny and warm. My dad called the other day, just as I was walking to my car, in a light sweater. When I asked what he had been up to -- he answered that he had just finished snow blowing the driveway. Whoa.

I signed my lease to my new studio. Adrienne could not be more thrilled for multiple reasons. We can now cook again in our kitchen or I should say will be able to cook more in our kitchen. We now get to shower in a bathtub that will be clean, shiny, and white instead of pink or purple. Plus, she gets use all sorts of power tools and build things, kick up dust, come home smeared with paint. She actually just sat down next to me and said "Look at my bruises. Aren't they pretty."

I had a heart stopping moment this weekend. Literally, my chest tightened. "Oh, my God, what am I doing, Oh my God, Oh my God". It went away though. It probably will return and go away again. One thing that dawned on me, a total duh, that I can now have open studio hours. I have had two dreams my entire life. Literally for as long as I can remember. Owning a house, a creeky, antique, hardwood-ed floor house, with a big porch, and a huge garden. The other, owning a store. I used to create stores in my basement. Each store had a different theme, the jewelry store, mini-Target, the hardware store. I would go around the house stealing things, putting price tags on them, creating displays for them. And, now, I am actually going to have a kinda sorta lil' store. A dry run really. Now, for a little preview of the studio.

The person who rented this space before me built this little room inside of a little room. A Russian doll. He's a percussionist and was trying to keep down the noise. I don't need a little room.

Adrienne painted today. We ran to Ikea twice this weekend (ouch) shopping for countertops.

Today, I taught a drop spinning class at Article Pract. It was so much fun. I love teaching people about fiber and spinning. Here are the little bumps of fiber each new spinner received. I hope everyone continues to practice and make yarn!

Very soon I will post photos of Carmen. It is completely done save for a button which is sitting right here, next to my computer eagerly awaiting its new button home.


aija said...

How rad! (And exciting!) :)

I popped into AP really quickly today for woolwash and couldn't help but notice the blackberry polwarth looked to be sold out... not that I need more (bought 3!) ;)


cpurl17 said...

WWhhhhhooooooo hoo!! HOw exciting!!!! Be sure to send out a big announcement when you officiall hang up your shingle!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful and exciting for you!

Stefaneener said...

I can't wait to come and see!

KatDee said...

couldn't help but notice the blackberry polwarth looked to be sold out

Oops, that was me. :)

I can't wait for the *ahem* New Studio-Warming Party! ;)

WonderMike said...

So terribly exciting about your STUDIO!!!! And how cute would your little girly jewelry store in your basement have been????

karrie said...

That is so awesome! I'm jealous! And I hear ya about the little pretend store. I had a rad one made out of a cardboard furnace box.