Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year!

I gotta tell you it has been quite the year for me. Last year, on this day, I walked into my 9-5, and announced that I was done. Through.
Period. Usually during major life transformations, I am excited, anticipating the new next thing. But this time, I was terrified. And had been terrified for many months up to that day. Now here I am. A year later, still alive, eating, paying my rent. Less savings but much happier. Walking on my path in this life. Practicing my life's purpose. If you asked me what my life's purpose is, I am not sure I could answer you directly. But in my heart and in my body, I can feel it. It's amazing.

Adrienne and I had not planned on going anywhere for the holidays. We both desperately needed time to sit, relax, create. We don't do very well at that though. So, about a week before Christmas, we decided to travel to Indio, California to visit Adrienne's parents and family. Honestly, this part of the world is not my most comfortable. But we had a really good time. Her mom made tamales, lengua, and nopal salad. We soaked up the warm weather. Last Summer, Michelle Wipplinger over at Earthues did a series of dyeing workshops in Desert Hot Springs (not far from Indio). I am hoping she will do it again. That way we can see Adrienne's parents and learn more dyeing skills.

Later in the week, we went in the opposite direction of Indio to Nevada City in the Sierra foothills. Here, I finally get to some real relaxing and knitting.

And then there is the nature in the Sierras...

A teensy tiny piece of fallen fruit. An apricot for a mouse.

The view of the Sierra Valley floor

I hate how I can never capture the largess and beauty of the mountains. This is the best I can do at the moment. I hope you enjoy this little bit of nature. Next post I will fill you in my knitting progress. I will give you a hint: I am knitting an Anne Hanson scarf "That Little Scarf". That woman is too amazing! To be continued...

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CassieMarie said...

Your pictures are so beautiful!!
Congrats on a year of doing what you love as well. Sometimes it is so exciting to really put yourself out there! Can I be one of your cheerleaders? :)