Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came to the Winter Fiber Show. Thank you to everyone who helped us by telling a friend, listing this event on their blog, supporting us, etc. It was a great success. I loved meeting new people and visiting with friends. I have some great photos to share. My favorite is this one:

A DH holding his wife's fiber while she shops. He was totally great -- completely supportive of his wife's "habit". An enabler even, encouraging her to spoil herself! A prime example for DH and DW everywhere!

And, of course, photos of our offerings...fiber and yarn of course!

In other news, we had a little bit of rain here, which for us, that means "weather". It has been nice. I have been knitting. Arm warmers for my late night bike ridin' friend Meridyl.

And, while I have been doing that knitting, (time for a confession) I have been watching a very special TV show (especially trashy) called Tila Tequila: A Shot at Love. I love it (period) I hope Dani wins. Well, while we are at it, how about another confession, tonight is Project Runway. Another little addiction I have. If all of this confessing is bringing back memories for you of Catholic school, then confess away. OK, back to knitting, I came across this scarf on Knitspot the other day. Too darn cute. I almost cast-on immediately but called upon my self control. I have committed to a couple commissioned project and must/will finish them. Now, I have a reward for when I am through. What a good girl!

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Yarn or Death said...

Tila sucks for not picking Dani. :P

Your yarns are beautiful! I could just look at them all day.