Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Quality Time

OK -- so what is new around The Verb for Keeping Warm house? I have not had enough quality time with Maia's drum carder. I know that for sure. This is what I have made so far:

Content: merino, bluefaced leicester, and silk. Gotta love some silk.

Stay tuned to see how it spins. Otherwise, around these parts we have been busy dyeing more yarn and fiber. We just created a new platform for store. Hopefully, this will make adding new products easier and faster. I literally have pounds of beautifully dyed fiber no one knows about. Hello? That's silly. We are going to work on the website this weekend. Fingers crossed, we will have it running by the end of next week. Let me tell you, if everything goes as planned, this change in website maintenance will eliminate hours of potential therapy Adrienne and I would have to attend under the current website circumstances.

Also, I don't think that I mentioned that I joined Etsy and started selling A Verb for Keeping Warm products there too. There platform is so damn easy and affordable. And, the other artists selling there make such beautiful things. So much creativity and good company! I have to say that Aija has had a large influence over this decision. I love her Etsy Fridays and the artists she features.

Otherwise, I am in the process of receiving lots of delicious new yarn and fiber: merino/ silk blends, tussah, and yak to name a few. I was so excited to receive these that I literally fell down the stairs. Hydroplaned. I was running up to our porch to see if the package had arrived. When I saw that it had not, I ran down the stairs, hydroplaned, and before I knew it landed on my a**. Ouch. But that couldn't stop me from winding skeins and dyeing more... of course with a little lifting help from Adrienne.

I hope everyone out there is having a beautiful Autumn day!


Michelle (missymarie) said...

What you have done so far with the drum carder is magnificent. The colors are gorgeous and cannot wait to see what it looks like once you have spun it.

What do the taro cards say about getting a drum carder for your birthday?

Anonymous said...

Oooh, That is a lovely batt!