Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hide your fiber!

Because I am on a rampage and may put it through my drum carder. Listen to me, calling it mine. I was at my friend, Maia's today. She is on her way to Rhinebeck and has graciously loaned me her Patrick Greene drum carder.

The Beast:

My practice batt: merino, silk, carbonized bamboo, silk noils.

Have you ever seen a drop spindle look so happy?


Knitty bo bits.

Maia better watch out I may hold this little beast for ransom until my lil' lady coughs one up! My birthday (30th) is coming up... In the meantime, thanks Maia.


michelle said...

sooo cool! and such a beautiful first attempt. you can tell you've been waiting for was the spin in? i was thinking about tomorrow for stopping by--around 11ish? let me know...

cpurl17 said...

Oh I hope you get one for your b-day!! You've been such a good girl all year! :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun! I love the way that batt worked up.