Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Do you know what love means? Pomatomus of course!

Well, let's see where we are at with life. I shift from right to left in my chair, pull the chair a little closer to the desk, as it gently rolls back to the position it was just in, oh the pull of gravity, that's right I am on Earth. Proudly, I will announce I have been knitting. These days, although they may be full to the brim with fiber and yarn, I feel like it is as scrumptious as a dirty little secret when I get the time to sit down and knit.

I actually see the light at the end of the tunnel -- It's 2 FO's!

1. Pomatomus Socks -- I absolutely love this pattern. My brain feels like a sponge soaked with serotonin, or maybe it's more like my brain is a beach ball floating along a serotonin sea as I knit the lace pattern and watch the colors change along the strand of yarn. I literally knit in one position so long that my jaw became sore. Ah, the physical detriment of my addiction.

2. The damn Toe-Up Socks -- Again, 3/4 done with these suckers! Bored with the pattern, bored with the yarn, but oh so close!

Then there are the WIP, these have not faired as well, but will get much more love shortly:

1. Tangled Yoke Sweater -- on hold for the moment. But still as beautiful as ever.
2. Chevron Scarf -- I tell ya, this little f***er. I guess somewhere along the line, I added a stitch, because this scarf has gotten wider. I must frog and re-configure.
3. The Alvaros Sweater -- I am dying to get back to this sweater. I love this pattern, love the yarn. I miss you Alvaros!

Switching topics, on Saturday, Adrienne and I drove northeast to the Hoes Down Festival at Full Belly Farms. This is a 2 day event. And, just too much fun: farm tours, workshops on olive oils, wine, fruit trees, good soil, mushroom gardening:

3 stages with live music, bar-b-ques smoking with local food, beer, oysters, an herb yurt, a strawbale house, and tooooonnnnns of stuff for kids! Oh, and you can stay over and camp on the farm.

Here is an amazing woman, named Kathy Wallace, demonstrating her basket weaving skills:


Weaving Supplies

Probably my three highlights of the trip were:

1. Touring the strawbale house. Adrienne and I would love to build one of these in our lifetime. Complete with little strawbale cabins for our friends and family to stay in.

2. Listening to one of the owner's of Full Belly talk about how important their 200 sheep are to the livelihood and success of the farm. And, he didn't even know how fond I am of sheep and their wooly delights!

3. Learning about how the farm started, their fits and starts, and feeling completely and totally inspired to dream and create my fiber farm.

Farm tour: Who is that crazy lady holding a Pomatomus sock?

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