Monday, August 6, 2007

Speed Weaving

Silly Cleo! You can't be a Shetland sheep!

Adrienne had to have her art piece to the SFMOMA by today. So, instead of relaxing like I wanted to after my river adventure, Adrienne and I maniacally wove a wall hanging. Every now and then I was bitter. Sorry, Adrienne. We did manage to finish it and it looks great. The warp is a 2 ply Shetland from Harrisville. The weft is the NY Times and the guard hairs from 2 fleeces: Shetland and Icelandic. Oh, and we also threw in a little bit of Habu cotton paper yarn. Wonderful stuff. Next time, I want to weave an entire wrap out of it.

Of course, the minute we took it off of the loom (at 7 AM this morning), I thought of a hundred more things we could have done -- or do in the future. Like make a bag out of the yardage. Weave the entire NY Times Sunday edition. Paint on it with Sumo ink. Add felt.

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