Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jabbar and Bandhani Awake My Intuitive Creative Process.

Wow, it has been way to long to go without blogging. It has been a big week. The house's exterior is finally done being painted. My grandfather's brain surgery went well -- and I had a very special guest this week.

My very good friend, Jabbar. He is a master bandhani dyer from Gujarat, India.

I was lucky enough to have gorgeous silk scarves strewn around my house!

About Jabbar's work: He and his family do a form of resist dyeing called Bandhani, also known as tie-and-dye. They use natural and acid dyes. Each dot you see here is made by tying a very small bunch of silk with thread. When the fabric is dyed, that little tied part does not take the dye. After the dye has set, we pull the scarf and all of the thread pops off and the design appears.

When I lived in India, Jabbar and his family took very good care of me and I consider them to be my second family. It has been five years since I have seen them. And this is Jabbar's first trip to the U.S. I can describe this trip emotional at best. It brought up alot of feelings about my time in India, and alot of feelings about the fact that I have not returned to see my loved ones in India. I have been literally aching to write about textiles and India lately and seeing Jabbar really sealed the deal. I am thinking about creating a series on my blog dedicated to textiles: history, cultural meaning, and technique.

I decided that I really needed to take the day (and maybe week) off. I really want to make art this week and focus upon my surroundings. Today, we went to Bolinas to Agate Beach.

bsolutely beautiful. To look at the tide pools.

I am always amazed how much color is packed into these small microcosms. Inside the purple shells, live little blue crabs.

Otherwise, on the home front, I have washed more fleece. argh. but beautiful....

And here are the spun samples, knit up into cable swatches. They are a little hard to see....

And last but not least, I spun a little yarn tonight, inspired by my day at Agate Beach. All of the fleece used was natural dyed indigo, cochineal, and madder.

I love using my intuitive sense to create -- and can easily get bogged down by practicality, structure, and theory. This week I am devoting to the intuitive creative process -- creating from and trusting my gut feeling. I can't wait to see what I will make!


Adrienne Rodriguez said...


Your words and images are beautiful, to say the least! Thank you for sharing all of your creativity with me.
The pictures are great; keep them coming!

Stefaneener said...

I love that beach. My pictures never quite capture the "oh my" feeling.

And Jabbar's scarves are things of beauty.

CassieMarie said...

That beach is almost as beautiful as your fibers! :p
I am jealous of all of your fiber and real life adventures!

John said...

Wow...Great Blog. This is my first Blog. I guess I'm a little behind the times.

Your pictures and stories are great.

I would say, "that poor dog," but I'm sure Cleo loves it, or any attention, for that matter.

I will be living in CO in a couple of months, so I will be able to come see you three.