Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Hot Summer Day at Lambtown, USA

So I thought that I would try to fit one more blog post in before we hit August 1st. I am unexplainably excited for August. I am not sure why.

Michelle, Adrienne, and I hit up Lambtown. Whoa, it was hot -- something like 95F. In the Bay Area, we rarely reach 85. Maybe in September. We looked around. I want to be a supporter of Lambstown. Truly. But there were alot of vendors that had nothing to do with fiber. And, they were interspersed with the fiber vendors which kind of sucked. I kind of felt like it should be called "Lambtown & Other Random Stuff". I hope in the future they place all of the fibery vendors/ people together. I did see alot of great spinner/ knitter friends that I haven't seen in a while so that was great.

It was so hot that we decided to sit under a tent and listen to live music. Well, that was just not going to cut it. This was the perfect excuse to buy some fiber. I ended up with 2 colorways of Chasing Rainbows. This orangey color and a blue-teal color. I plan to use it for the Chevron Scarf.

This was working out quite nicely until these 2 60 year old guys took the stage and started singing about cowgirls and texas. I started dropping my spindle. Michelle started to make mistakes in her knitting. We took it as our queue to pack up and leave.

I am going to divert away from fiber for a moment. On the way out of Dixon, we stopped at a car show. Loved it. Sidenote: I was raised by a man who looooves moving objects; virtual and real. We are talking about everything from Atari to U.S. Airforce Jets to any number of cars, etc. He taught me about these moving objects whether I wanted to know or not. Out of all of the moving objects, cars were always my favorite. You can imagine my excitement when I drove up to see this...

It was very interesting to see the dashboards -- to see how the knobs and levers had changed over the years.

I hope everyone had a nice July.


aija said...

Hey there! :)

I think I felt the same way as you did, too much odd stuff there. There's the one coming up in Mendocino Cty soon, but I hate those roads so its looking like I'm going to keep buying fiber online for now :)

Have a good one!


(PS! I haven't started spinning the fleece prepped @ Fleece Day... I take the big old bag downstairs and card it (handcards) every once in a while while my son plays when I don't want to knit or spin (not too often!) I wanted to have all of the rolags done before I start spinning, which as time goes by seems like a crazier and crazier idea :))

cpurl17 said...

whew--it's often over 95 in my corner of the Bay Area!

I missed Lambtown this year--but I was exhausted so maybe it was a good weekend to stay home.