Thursday, May 17, 2007

Podcasts: Pointy Sticks, Sticks & Strings, Craft Borg

Yes, I accept I am a bit slow. I figure about three years behind in the blog world. I try to give myself some breathing room and remember that four months ago I had a full time job. And before that lived in India, in the middle of the desert, where the internet took thirty minutes to load, and then time out altogether. OK, fine I will also admit that my friends have always teased me on being resistant to technology. They call my house the 1800 house as they watch me happliy de-evolve from spinning wool on my wheel to my hand spindle, and from buying roving, to preparing a fleece for spinning. Point being, in my own life, by creating a blog, I have come a long way.

Last weekend, I went to Fleece Day at Deep Color studio. ( I will get to the fleecy part soon) While we were sitting around carding and drop spindling, two tech saavy knitting bloggers were talking about their favorite podcasters. How they loved to pass the time knitting and listening to people talk about yarn, patterns, and knitting news. What a novel idea. Hmmmm, podcasters....I have seen that button on my itunes. I was intrigued. And, I might not be that far behind in the podcast world!

I started my search closest to home and went to the Itunes music store. Here, I found Pointy Sticks, Sticks & Strings, and Craft Borg (and the non-fibery podcast of This American Life -- I am so naively pleased to find that I can listen to whenever I feel like it).

I downloaded the most recent episode of each, listened all afternoon while knitting away on the Alvaros Sweater. Given that one episode of each is probably not a large enough sample to base a strong opinion, my watered down opinion says that I liked Pointy Sticks best. I thought that Christine and Staci were witty. I liked their discussions about community and kntting shops. I thought they made a very good point about how knitting shops should take more consideration of what bloggers/ podcasters are talking about, what kind of products they desire, etc. I also appreciated with how candid they were in reviewing yarn and patterns (They were reviewing Lace Style).

I have found as a new blogger -- somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer amount of other knitting bloggers -- and somewhat removed. It almost like I don't know where to begin. I really enjoy reading others blogs but the podcast gave me a whole new appreciation for internet based community. I really enjoyed hearing Christine and Staci's voices and their laughter. It brought another layer to the stories and the photos found on blogs. While the internet and blogging has been a great way for knitters and fiber enthusiasts to meet one another, I am excited to continue discovering new podcasts and seeing how podcasts are going to shapeshift the current fiber environment.

P.S. While looking for new podcasts, I came across Lets Knit2gether. Video podcast. Very cool.


~~Knitting Addict~~ said...

Welcome to blogland :)

And by the sounds of it, you weren't missing a single thing -- in fact, sounds like you've had a very interesting life with all the places you've lived you can (and will) catch up here really quickly I am sure!

Also, I have to admit you're not totally alone. I think I am one of the last people in the world that doesn't own an iPod, seriously, I really don't...but the thought of being to listen to KNITTING podcasts sure does make it more tempting...if I can just stop myself from spending every extra cent I have on yarn that is. ::gg::

Cassiemarie said...

I feel like I am slightly behind on the blog world as well! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Also, I wanted to share that my friends also think i am "devolving" by spinning and fiber prep, but I think it is the opposite, I feel like I am becoming more and more involved and in control of what I am doing!
Have a good one!