Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Natural Dyes: Madder, Logwood, and Black Walnut

We have just completed another round of dyeing and the fiber is hanging on the drying line. I feel satisfied. And looking forward to spinning some of it.

We made stock of:
logwood (labeled as grey but I suspect it is purple)
balck walnut
and mixtures of all 3.

We also tried three different dyeing techniques: dunking, marbled, and hand painted.

Photos coming soon.


CassieMarie said...

I'm excited to see the natural dyes! What do you use to set them?

Kristine said...

HI Cassiemarie --
I use alum as a mordant. Photos coming soon.

ellen said...

Thanks for your comments on my website/shop! Good luck on your farm search! Its great having fiber animals!